Hair Cut

Last week, I decided it was time for Reuel to finally have his first hair cut. It was sort of a big deal because I have never sent my boys to the hair salon until it was time for nursery. I usually trim their fringes to keep their hair from poking into their eyes. And, I tend to have many older folks “nagging” at me about letting Reuel keep his hair, that he looks like a girl or he’s suffering due to the hot and humid weather

He is such a sweet lad. Whenever strangers mistake him for a girl and calls him “mei mei”, he would tell them in that innocently surprised voice: “But I’m a boy!” It really melts my heart

Before shots:

A front shot

A front shot

Look at Reuel's waves

Look at Reuel’s waves

Reuel was eager and volunteered to have his turn first. When Zayden was his age, I had to “bribe” him with candy and a short play time at the playground after his hair cut I’m pretty glad I don’t need to struggle for future trips to the hair salon!

Fresh faces

Fresh faces

Lookalikes from the back

Lookalikes from the back

The problem with them having the same hairstyle is that we tend to call Reuel “Zayden” instead. It’s really uncanny how alike they are (from the back). I feel that Reuel looks better with long hair! I will most certainly miss his old look.

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On Saturday, we had free entry to the zoo thanks to Guan’s cousin-in-law. Personally, animal captivity makes me really sad (now that I’m older) but it brings so much excitement to the kids for them to have a chance to see animals closer without having to go all out into the wild. I didn’t take much photos because we had four kids under 6 years of age–one couldn’t walk, one was learning how to walk and two who only knew how to run

But here’s picture of Kaien

Just woke up from his nap

Just woke up from his nap



Zayden: “Mommy, look! The door is camouflaged.”

Yesterday, I decided to bring the boys to one of those “live” shows of Chuggington at City Square Mall. I’ve never brought them to one before Only because there was once Guan and I brought Zayden a couple of years ago to the same event at the same mall only to find out that the show had ended less than an hour ago

As I knew my kids, my limits and that I would be outnumbered, I asked my Mom to be the much-needed extra pair of hands. She ended up roping my brother along as well so that made the ratio of kids to adults pretty even

I was a little surprised that they weren’t as excited or moving as actively/vigorously during the show. Zayden looked like he was outgrowing the series. So when it ended (with “snow” falling), I pulled both boys aside and asked if they enjoyed it.

“Yes,” they said, in their flat voices.

“I don’t like the snow,” Reuel said, trying to get the foam off his hair. I tried to explain it wasn’t real snow and that, really, it was just soap foam but he wasn’t really keen on listening.

“Zayden, why didn’t you dance along to the songs?” I asked him.

“I don’t want to be tired,” was his reply.

I guess they were tired since it was around their usual nap time. Not to mention Zayden had an on-off nose bleed from 5-7 earlier in the morning

The obligatory photo with the trains:

Reuel and Zayden :)

Reuel and Zayden

Oh! It’s almost 4 a.m. now. Happy Birthday Mom!

An Idea

Seating plan for The Hobbit trilogy in 3D

Seating plan for The Hobbit trilogy in 3D

I sent the above to my BFF Rey saying, “What’s left of The Hobbit trilogy, and here I am, thinking we get the wheelchair berth and bring our own chairs

I mentioned it to Guan and he was like, “Just go with wheelchairs.”

One of those train of thoughts

One of those weird quirks I have would be thinking about something that leads to another and on to another and another and when I try to explain why I was spacing out for a minute, it would take a long time to explain that train of thought.

So, anyway, I had forgotten to buy a loaf of bread earlier while getting dinner and went to the mart to grab one. While walking on the way back home (it was about 8.30 p.m.), I saw several old folks sitting on the benches downstairs, and I thought about how I miss sitting down at void decks, talking and chilling with Perr into the wee hours of the night, maybe drinking, maybe listening to house or trance. And I thought that the next chance would probably when I’m old like these folks, with not much parental responsibilities, but I wouldn’t be sitting till the wee hours and I wouldn’t be with Perr (unless she’s miraculously my neighbour. Ha!)

And while I was thinking about Perr, I thought about this video that I shared on her Facebook. It’s so hilarious that I was chuckling to myself every now and then, gathering weird stares from people who passed me.

Okay, after writing that down it didn’t seem long any more

11 years now

This domain has been around cyber space for more than a decade And, yes, it has been pretty neglected as well.

I guess it came to a point where I am not really sure what to blog about, since I have not been writing, blogging or journaling for some years now. And because of the long periods between, I do not feel as comfortable blogging like how I used to when I first started or when I continued on up to the last of my regular posts.

Holding on to this site is like holding on to my memory box. I have lost my old posts from my older websites before I got this domain. Being the sentimental person that I am, I cannot help but to just keep renewing this yearly.

I guess we shall see how it goes

Moved Hosts

So, after two years, I’ve decided to switch hosts (again). BigScoots has been awesome so far and I hope it stays this way

And it has been a really long time since I last cared about this site With the multiple hackings and whatnot, I have to admit it has been pretty abused

Everything needs to be updated (contents, links, theme?) so, for now, only my blog posts will be current.