yesterday, I went to get my identity card (ic) remade. I lost it when my wallet was missing over a year ago =/ haha. yeah. took me a year to save up supid sg$100. yes! you have to pay a bloody 100 bucks to get that card remade. if you lose it the second time, you’ll have to pay 300! *meeps*

btw, I look terrible don’t I? o_O

anyway, it was sam’s birthday yesterday and I gave him this gift I’d made. pity I didn’t have any cam with me else I’ll post it we went to plaza singapura’s swenson’s to have our lunch. and as usual, I had the chicken baked rice. lol.

today’s new year’s eve and I feel just like christmas eve: I’m mad over the same person. not just mad. really angry. and hurt. and sad..


anyway, I got this smashing poster today costs me sg$25! =/

it’s double-sided so I can’t bear to hang it! lol

happy new year everyone. hope yours is much better than mine. now it’s off to per’s place I go.

guess what? yeah. opened another site. a fanlisting fans of breadtalk please go join conversations: the official breadtalk fanlisting! those who visited singapore or have heard of breadtalk and love their breads, feel free to join too. it’s said that breadtalk would be expanding to malaysia and indonesia soon

my diet’s really weird these days. I’m hardly hungry anymore. take today for instance. I haven’t consumed anything since morning besides a ferraro roche chocolate my executive gave me a couple of hours ago.

the past week I’ve just been living on probably one meal a day. sometimes that meal is just an ice cream o_O I don’t know. just ain’t hungry -makes a face-

and no wonder I felt that my working pants wasn’t as tight as two weeks ago. but I’m still as heavy as ever even though I’m thinner. life is too unfair.

I woke up real early today to claim the special *limited* edition of lotr poster printed by the new paper. was planning to reach toa payoh by 7.30am (they won’t release the posters till 9) but I was using the comp to make the codes for conversations -sheepish- and asked my dad to drive me there since I didn’t know where toa payoh north was ;p

when I got there at 8.38am, there was this long queue waiting in line already o_O so I just queued up and they started giving out queue numbers and I was number 152. but it was worth it

[edit] okay this is totally weird. I checked all the awards site that I was nominated and I found out that voting was over for toxic awards and that the owner didn’t email the nominees as she had lost the whole list.

when I read that, I was fuming mad. first I didn’t win anything and next I find out I can’t even let others vote for me and my site was nominated for nothing?! so I saw the awards and found out I won ‘best network’.


I don’t even have a network how could I have won it?! well, at least it’s something [/edit]

omg. I’m so sad I didn’t even win a bloody award from until forever! and look at the winners – they won like 3 to 4 awards. I’m so darn sad

happy boxing day everyone! though I’ve never celebrated this holiday before, it’s nice to wish it. lol.

how did everyone spend christmas? this christmas was just another holiday for me. I didn’t expect any gifts. not even from my parents since they have a habit of not giving gifts. but I got really sensible gifts from my mom. wait. sensible isn’t the word – practical is.

what did she get me? oh. she got me two pairs of ankle socks and a sports bra. really practical ain’t it? and guess what her friend, aunty serene gave me? yep. another pair of socks. come to think of it, my mom’s sister, aunty mary, gave me a pair of yellow billabong socks the year before. what’s up with socks and christmas I ask you?!

I used the comp till 2 am on christmas morn and woke at 8+ and found out that sam was still sleeping. woke him up with a call and left the house to meet him. we went to great world city to watch love actually.

now 7ners planned a day to watch that show last week I believe and I did not join them coz I wasn’t interested in that movie. and boy was I glad I didn’t go with them. coz the movie wasn’t that great anyway.

even sam said it was a little disappointing as he heard it was really good and was dying to catch that 10.40am show and dragged me along. oh well. at least I didn’t waste any money (so obviously he paid for it ;p)

we had lunch at crystal jade. really cina (‘chinese’ in malay) place. well, it is after all a chinese restaurant. then I went home and got a fight with my dad. oh whatever. we had to make up eventually coz it’s christmas.

went back to my old church for a christmas service. felt really weird being there. it’s been more than a year since I last went back to that place. due to certain unexplanable circumstances.

and that is how I spent my christmas day.

boxing day isn’t special. had to go work o_O and I’ve updated a whole chunk of stuff in this site so check the updates page. received late xmas gifts and fansigns so check that out too.

voting is still on at until forever awards so those who haven’t vote *ahem ahem* please go and vote now -hints-


merry christmas!
*throws conffetti around and starts doing a mad dance around the computer*

lmao. okay. that was really lame. that gift up there -points up- is for those who didn’t receive a gift from me. sorry but maybe I’ve left you out. for some others who still haven’t gotten it, it’s coz I don’t have your email adds! -makes a face-

I still have dani’s, debra’s, delia’s, ebony’s, isla’s and sue anne’s gifts. sorry. too lazy to add in their urls =/

oh yeah. is up! go see it! if you still see nothing, you’ve gotta click refresh a couple of times. don’t rush through the site k? just take your time

rotk yesterday was great! but kinda spoiler coz I was watching with jun wei and he watched it before so we kept exchanging views and I really hate him for saying that frodo and sam were gays coz of their love for each other.

don’t worry fans I’ve given him a number of punches for whatever nonsense he’s been spewing ;D

I specially wanna thank annette, april, janis, laurie, mo, per and xtyncia for making me lovely xmas gifts/cards/fansigns/whatever-you-call-ems

and I just have to put this here. per is a wonder girl she’s made pill for the 7ners! (mouseover for names)

for the whole of this week, I think I’ll be sleeping in the living room with my siblings. why? my dad’s re-doing my siblings’ room and technically, I don’t really have a room so I just crash in with my siblings so yeah, now we are all sleeping in the living room =/

why don’t I have a room? well, actually, I did. but it wasn’t even a room. just a partitioned ‘room’ with high cupboards as walls and a curtain for a door o_O it’s small but cosy. and I’ve loved it for 5 years as I grew in my room.

but this year, my parents just had to tear it down so no room for me and I have to squeeze in with my three younger siblings. I never thought of it as ‘our room’ though so I still refer to it as ‘my siblings’ room’ instead.

and all the sawing and drilling and hammering has got dust in the house so maybe that’s why I was sneezing like hell today. it doesn’t help when I work at the office and it’s freezing cold o_O

anyway, went to watch rotk (yes again) with sam yesterday. rocking good as usual since the audience clapped so much after the legolas scene, I didn’t hear what gimli said to him after that. so yesterday I finally caught what he said. he said indignantly, “it still counts as one!” -rofl-

tomorrow’s christmas eve. anyone has big plans like last minute shopping? I’m gonna watch rotk yet again ;D well, that is if I can get the tickets. lol.

I’m glad everyone liked their gifts I’ve sent if you haven’t received yet, do not panick. I’ve still got a number yet to send out. it’s hard retrieving your email addys =x