I wanna be a racehorse! Well, if Iím ever a zebra, that is.

Racing Stripes is certainly one of the most touching movies as it shows how determined one zebra from a barnyard can be.

I missed a tad of the beginning (thanks to someone). But really, itís okay (so donít start fretting!).

Okay, I admit. I was never really interested in the movie. I thought it was gonna be some lame show that has animals talking crap. Well, not until I watched the trailer and found out that Hayden Panettiere was in it.

(Yes, I watch certain movies because of whoís casted in it. One example would be Man on Fire because Dakota Fanning was in it.)

Anyway, this movie made me think that being a racer is fun. Well, and dangerous too :neutral:

Gaw, Haydenís so coolÖ

Oh, and for everyone who is celebrating Chinese New Year, Happy Chinese New Year to all of you May you get lots of red packets and eat lots of candies and goodies and not gain a single ounce! (Fat chance, Iíd say :P)