I went down to SP for the prep camp for Nero’s Dream last night and enjoyed myself watching them play among themselves at the station games.

Here’s (another kind of) Twister:

All the weird positions.

Cody and Manfred
Cody and Manfred (frat sista).

Terence di
A rather slack Terence didi.

This movie is packed with action, loud noise, loud music, high speed trains, cars, copters and lots of explosion. Thank God GV raised their ticket prices so that I could watch it at Cathay and not turn deaf.

Missed the first 15 minutes of the movie due to yours truly. (Iím so sorry Hong Chon!) Nevertheless, itís been interesting to watch this sequel, in which I heard that it has (almost) nothing to do with the prequel.

Pity we forgot the popcorn and drinks. Iíve got a voucher for the snacks.