Book Sale

Book Sale + Just Getting Allowance = Bad Combination

The weekend was rather dull since my guy was the best man for his good friend’s wedding. So I indulged myself with my newly-bought books. Yes! MPH was having a 20% storewide sale and I could not help but get the following:

I also managed to get my latest copy of the english version of Slam Dunk!

Sale Books + Comic Book = S$27

Ack! But I don’t regret


  1. Noooooooooo… got a little princesssssss…. I’m jealous. I’ve been wanting to get that book cause I loved it so much, Hear hear about the combo. xp w00t w00t about the new stuff.

  2. hey nadine… you can go to my site thru my old add still @ mah~ and i saw ya in the lab today!! haha.. no wonder i found ya damn familiar some time ago i saw you…. i realised you are in dmmt only after i saw your friendster.. hope to see ya again before i go away next sem… =)

  3. Ah, I do that too. I get so exited that I have money and then I spend it… and then its gone. its kinda depressing. heh. But, I like money, and all I have to do to get more is just work more. So… yeah.

  4. [Exposure]

    Ah sometimes you have to induldge yourself in the makings of books just for a treat. I recently had a bulk buy at Amazon, although half of those books were needed for college, but all the same Books = Good!

    Hope your guy had fun at the wedding,
    Keep smiling

  5. i wannnna have book sales here too. sniffles. been dying to buy a couple of books but didnt manage to check them during the megasales. now it’s too late ;(

    lucky u

  6. Oooh, I’ve been spending all my money on dvd’s lately because they’ve got lots of sales on! Must get off to the book store soon though.

  7. I can’t even step into a bookstore for something simple like a bookmark or a blank book without buying a ton of books. Luckily I have enough self control to stay away from the computer section… those books are SO damned expensive!

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