Holidays Have Come

So, vacation has started but I still feel rather busy. Fanlistings due, opening domains, re-vamping sites and editing templates… Who said the internet was boring? Expect a new layout not so soon. (End of the year would be the best ETA.)


  1. Woo glad to hear you’re finally on holidays, don’t get too stressed about all that internet business. I can’t wait to see the new layout when it’s up! Take it easy

  2. The internet isn’t boring, there’s always heaps to do. I always think to myself “Oh, I’ll just quickly check my emails and go offline” but there’s always heaps of fanlistings due, sites to update, etc. I know what you mean heh. Speaking of fanlistings, I love your new ‘don’t say you love me’ fanlisting, it’s one of my favourite songs! I”m gonna join right now!

    take care hon

  3. can’t wait for a new layout..but i like this one (=

    the internet’s not boring..unless you hypnotize yourself with it for a week, then it gets then you’ve visited all the sites you want and more. =p

  4. wow…it’s already vacation for you..*sigh* I’m still stuck with school! heehee! the internet is not boeing at all huh..^_^ well, goodluck with the new layout…^_^ *from eXposure*

  5. hi. cute colors on you layout. have fun on your vacation! it always nice to get a break from the internet! bye!

  6. i always say im gonna do this that and the other in the holidays to my site but i never do lol anywayz have a good holiday

  7. Yeah there’s always something to do on the internet. When I have time to work on it all though I get lazy and forget it, lol.

  8. Wow, all your internet to-do list makes me fele so lazy. I been meaning to put up new sites but I get distracted to easy. I just attempted to work on a new template today. Must be very dedicated or have a better attention span than me

  9. wow.
    that’s a lot of work! good luck nadine!
    and here i am, ms. lazy-arse, re-starting my blog. hehe!

  10. I have absolutely nothing to do this vacation. I am so bored out of my mind! Good thing that you have stuff to do to occupy your time.

  11. Yay for holidays… The internet is never boring. You can always find something to do on the net. Good luck with your fanlistings, editing and revamping your sites.. Sounds like a lot of work =/

  12. Enjoy your holidays, there is always something to be done, weather it is online or offline. Dont get to overwhelmed

  13. Ah, lucky you on holiday. Don’t get too stressed, take it easy. I like looking at this layout enough for now :D.

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