Hmm. My family and I are on our way to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, to go shopping. The first time, I should say. I wonder whatís the special occasionóbesides the fact that the Lunar New Year is around the corner.

Oh, my youngest sister Judaxil will turn 12 tomorrow *beams*

After three years of procrastination, I have finally, finally, finally gotten my lazy ass over to school and collected my O Level certificate.

Look at my joy:
My O Level Cert!

Shall We Dance? was a movie that he thought would turn out crappy since JLo was inside. I honestly admit, Iíd thought so too.

But the dancing got the better of me and so, we watched that. I donít like to admit it, but I like dancing. However, I love admitting the fact that I canít dance :oops: So there.

Anyway, donít watch the movie because of JLo. I donít think sheíd like that. After all, her character would not like any guy to join ballroom dancing because of her. She said so herself. Heh

Well, I loved the movie. He loved it too So why are you still reading this? Go secure a seat now!

Elektra was a different story. Iím not much of a Dare Devil follower but I think Elektraís cool. I did not watch Dare Devil only because Ben Affleck starred in it. I so do not like that guy.

I was told by many people that Elektra had no plot and that the only reason why itís still selling is because of Jennifer Garner. Well, I beg to differ.

Ever since I watched 13 Going On 30, Jennifer has always been Jenna to me. So seeing Elektra was like seeing a dead serious Jenna on a mission. Iím sorry, but itís hard to change my image of one person at times.

Then again, I watched Elektra only because of action. I like action. But not like those huge explosive demolition-of-buildings-every-five-minutes kind. I like comic-hero kind of actions. Heroes like Spiderman. Or Batman. Not Dare Devil. Puh-leeze :mrgreen:

Well, the kid who plays Abby Miller, Kirsten Prout is rather cute-looking. For a teenage girl. Not that Iím les or anything, if you know what I mean.

Two movies in a day. Yeah, I had a great time, thanks for asking.

Lexiena at Level 25 Hallelujah! Finally! After two long weeks of killing snails, squishing green droplets, chiong-ing* pigs, whacking mushrooms and hacking tree trunks, I have finally moved up to level 25 on my warrior, Lexiena. Check out my new and blue outfit.

(Okay, the cap quality is really bad. It looks dull blue here

If youíre wondering what Iím talking about, welcome to the world of Maply Story. Iím not sure what kind of online game it is but I was told by Jun Wei that itís a MPORPG (multi-player online role playing game).

Itís rather addictive, I must say. Itís a joy to kill all those snails/squishies/mushrooms/tree trunks/pigs No, Iím not stressed. Neither am I sick so kindly stop feeling my forehead!

But Iím not that evil, really. Check out what Jun Weiís magician Aeldureth was doing when someone else died :mrgreen:

Evil Aeldureth

* to chiong: to charge (at)

And I still canít. Older not in the sense of being older than me but, that you guys are a year older. Yes! And one of you is actually an adult by now.

The ability to vote! The privilege of watching (ahem) R-rated movies (not that I want to, really).

Happy 21st Birthday Jun Wei! My, my. Growing older every year, eh?

Not to forget someone else:
Happy 17th Birthday Joel didi! I know you hardly read my blog but, whatever. Itís nice to greet you here nevertheless

Hope you guys had a nice birthday Be it at the examination room or workplace, you know what I mean

Oh, I must not forget to start making the birthday cardsÖ

I donít get it. They were perfect for each other. Jun Wei texted me just yesterday: ďToo perfect for each other, huh?Ē

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt announce split
Jen and Bradís last kiss

I thought theyíd last. Really, I thought they would. If thereís anything to blame, Iíll blame their careers. Or at least, Jenniferís one, that is.

I think the whole split has affected me. Iím feeling achy all over and my throat feels sore.

And what a first entry for the new year, a new blog. To think that 2005 may be a better year for me. Well, at least Iíve been expecting a better year when Alex texted me 12 minutes into the new year saying, ďHappy New Year Naddie 2005 will be better than 2004. DEFINITELY :)Ē

Well, what happened to my start of the new year?