With just a month before the end of the semester, I am having a hard time thinking whether I’m doing well or not.

Oral Communication (OC): I heard I scored between the 60-70 range for my first presentation. Then again, I don’t really trust hearsays. As for my speech writing, I missed the last lesson and have yet to get my results back.

Critical Reasoning Skills (CRS): One of the most loathed modules of mine (not just because of the lecturer), I failed my first essay writing on the casino debate. It’s a low fail, by the way.

Innovation; Design and Enterprise in Action (IDEA): My group scored well for our first presentation on our product, The BOX. The BOX is based on multimedia, wifi (wireless) and conceptual art. Go figure.

Database Management Systems (DBMS): Remember how I tried to run away from my test? I really lacked confidence in that paper, being the last one to enter the room and the first one to leave. I had a real shocking moment (my heart literally stopped for a nanosecond) when I found out that I had scored a distinction for that paper. My magical moment lasted for a few minutes until I asked the lecturer whether the paper was considered easy or hard.

“It is actually relatively easy.”

There goes my victory dance.

Graphic Design using Imaging Tools (GDIT): As you may have read, I had a B for my first assignment. Am awaiting for my grades for the next two.

Modeling and Photo-Rendering (MORG): I heard from one classmate that I got a D minus for my first assignment. Then, another classmate said that I got a D plus. I guess I’ll have to find out for myself.

Web Publishing (WEBP): I got a B for my practical test. How ironic that I should score well for DBMS but not this. I love WEBP much, much more than DBMS! (Well, I don’t love it as much when we’re building sites with Dreamweaver though. I’d much rather have my trusty NotePad, thank you.)

Drawing (DRAW): Got a B+ for my first assignment and a A for my second one. Funny, I thought my first one was better.

Mother used to say that my results are rather inconsistent. Well, I guess that means that I’m not born for consistency.

So, I’m getting back my files via cache by googling and yahooing. And, I’m re-doing my side bar (as you can see).

I’ve also moved some WordPress files from my other blog because it fits better in this blog (as the other one is more serious-based kind).

The next step is to fix my other sites (I’ve got a kazillion) and then I’ll put up my domain content here.

I am such a busy person online.

Thankfully, I’ve done a database backup for this site. I should have done a home one too. Darn. Now I have to redo the sidebar *sighs*

Don’t ever get hosted at HostNDezign. They don’t even deserve a link from me.

On my way to school, I thought I saw a friend of mine walking a few metres in front of me. I walked a little quicker to see if it was him, from the back and side profile, he looked like Terence. Excited, I gave a light slap on his arm. He turned around and I saw…

… a stranger.

No kidding! I nearly died there and then. He was looking at me really oddly and I could not bring myself to say, “Oops, wrong person.” Instead, I went, “You look really familiar…” (Note: not pickup line! I was just trying to ‘salvage’ the situation.)

And then I quickly said, “Never mind” and walked away in a hurried manner as after all, I was running late for class.

Been rather occupied with schoolwork (as usual). Am hoping that once the semester ends, I can sit back, relax a little, get my online projects in order and maybe (just maybe) take up a job or something. Need to save for my future

I feel so sorry for my sister, Nicole. She started this whole webdesigning and trading card games not too long ago and due to her innocence and ignorance, she was targeted for nasty remarks by some stupid girl (I shall not reveal names).

My sister has worked hard to create her cards for TCG and has given credit. True, she failed to ask for permissions and that sort but, HEY! she did give credit to where it was due. If you’re offended that permission was not asked from you, why don’t you email nicely to clarify the matter instead of ranting it off in your blog or to your online friends. I feel that it isn’t fair to my sister when you don’t read her credits and you go around telling others and putting my sister down.

It ain’t fair. Why can’t everyone be nice?

I’ve been in this scene for two years and so far, I’ve only got this childish girl who copied my entire site and did not credit at all. When confronted, she denied that she took everything when I found out that her source codes were exactly the same as mine. My younger sisters were enraged and spammed that girl’s email and guestbook anonymously. When I found out what my sisters had done, I knew that girl was going to think that I was the spammer. True enough, That girl spammed my form at my site anonymously. But c’mon, it was so obvious. (Then again, like I said, she was a childish girl.)

That’s the furthest I’ve ever had for a ‘hatemail’.