When I first saw the poster for this movie, I wanted to watch it. Only because Brad was in it. No, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a huge fan of him. I’m more of a fan of his wife than him.

Actually, I wanted to watch because I liked Brad as Rusty Ryan in Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve. Not to mention his hairstyle seems the same.

I’ve mentioned in an entry before that in the Ocean’s series, Rusty keeps eating. In Mr. and Mrs. Smith, John’s either drinking or not.

I guess in future Brad Pitt movies, I’ll always see his character as Rusty.

Anyhow, if you’re expecting action, well, you’ll get it. But Jun Wei and I agreed (after watching the 7 p.m. sneak previews last night) that it was more of a comedy than an action movie.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, (and I really hope I don’t!) but the first scene evoked laughter among the audience with yours truly being the loudest of them all. (Okay, so I exaggerated. About me being the loudest, that is.)

The part about their names kind of give me the feeling that it was going to be funny show since their names were pretty lame. I mean, John and Jane Smith? Why not Jack and Jill?

Darn, I guess I should refrain from going on and on about the movie before I let out some juicy bits.

Anyway, I really liked these lines:

Jane: Hey stranger.
John: Hey back.

This year, it seems like everyone wants me to turn 20 earlier.

I’ve got Khong Hwee Ah Beng calling me two days ago while I was in class and here’s what happened:

Me: Hello?
KH: Ah Lian ar?
Me: Yeah, what?
KH: Happy Birthday!
Me: [???] Huh?
KH: Your birthday’s on the 8th, right?
Me: Yeah.
KH: So today’s the 8th mah. So Happy Birthday lor!
Me: Um, today’s the 6th.
KH: Har?! Oh, pai seh, pai seh.
Me: […] Oh, it’s okay. Thank you!

The next day, slightly after midnight, Siao Jia texted me wishing a happy birthday. She remembered that my birthday’s six days after her. Somehow, something possessed her to think that she was born on the 1st. Thus, making her think that my day’s on the 7th. When I told people that, they all went :mrgreen:

As I reached home yesterday, I was feeling rather down due to a runny nose and the thought of going to school today. This is the first birthday that I have school. It’s a really odd feeling, I tell you.

I guess the mild depression was chased away by two lovely letters I received. One was from Pensie which contained a cellphone-chain (something like a key-chain but it’s for the celly) and a handmade card. The other was a birthday card from Hong Chon.

I should tell you what happened last year. Hong Chon actually got me a card but (according to him) due to fate, he could not pass it to me. Instead, he sent me an MMS and I did not know all these till I read his blog last month.

So I guess he decided to send it to my home this year

I went down to SP for the prep camp for Nero’s Dream last night and enjoyed myself watching them play among themselves at the station games.

Here’s (another kind of) Twister:

All the weird positions.

Cody and Manfred
Cody and Manfred (frat sista).

Terence di
A rather slack Terence didi.

This movie is packed with action, loud noise, loud music, high speed trains, cars, copters and lots of explosion. Thank God GV raised their ticket prices so that I could watch it at Cathay and not turn deaf.

Missed the first 15 minutes of the movie due to yours truly. (Iím so sorry Hong Chon!) Nevertheless, itís been interesting to watch this sequel, in which I heard that it has (almost) nothing to do with the prequel.

Pity we forgot the popcorn and drinks. Iíve got a voucher for the snacks.

Oh, goodness. Theyíre blasting techno next door.

At full blast.

That itís still loud even when thereís a layer of wall between us.


I thought I was able to blog so long as someone had a laptop with wireless connection. How was I to know that wireless could not be tapped in the student union itself? Hrrrmp.

So here I am, at the student union itself, using the PC (read: computer) and not the laptops. Yes, laptops. Man, we’re here for a camp but this year, more than one laptop sprouted around. Seems like no one can live without access to the computers.

By the way, if anyone’s still lost, I’m at SPSU’s FOC GL preparation camp.

And this year, I’m promoted to Cooks! Yes! No longer am I a fierce GP but an evil Cook instead

I’ll see if I can blog again on Sunday. Till then,

(Please note that to read the abbreviations for “SPSU” and the rest, Firefox Mozilla or Opera is required.)