Some traditions just have to go on.

Stuck in another ball
Purple balls at Marina Square this year.

Stuck in a bunch of them
We just love getting stuck in Christmas balls

Christmas Eve, my family went to the (rather) new Velocity at Novena Square to have our dinner at Pepper Lunch. It was my third time there but the first time I tried something other than the Beef Pepper Rice. I had the Hamburger and Chicken Combo. Pretty tasty

Nic and Ju
Nicole and Judaxil sharing a Double Chicken Steak.

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I thought I could make this post a rather long one since I’ve had two gatherings with two different groups of secondary school friends but, as usual, I am waiting for the photographs which takes forever to get to me!

So I guess I’ll just have to say (for now):

Happy Birthday Mommy!

It’s kind of fun having both parents’ birthdays in December because that means we (the kids, that is) can combine our resources to celebrate for both of them

It is quite a standard.

Every year since three years ago, at this certain date, I’ll usually make a post around this time to say two things:

Happy Birthday Daddy!

and that turns 3. I’m still pretty amazed that I’ve managed to keep holding on to this domain for three years.

As a present to myself, I shall give a pat on my back.

Firstly, I’m so glad that I managed to get back! I forgot that it’ll expire earlier this month and forgot to renew it. That’s why some who tried to come to my site had some weird page instead :neutral: Thank goodness I worked more hours last month. At least I have enough to cover my other two domains when it expires around this time, too

Anyway, I was supposed to have a stingray dinner with Kang Jun gege (aka kkgg) at the famous Block 85 market last night but, guess what? Yes, it had to close down for washing

Bedok Central is a horribly boring place with nowhere to eat besides hawker and coffee shop food. The only fast food places are McDonald’s, Burger King and Long John Silver. The only restaurant over there is Pizza Hut. So after meeting him at Bedok Interchange, we decided to head over to Pizza Hut.

But, well, guess what? Yes. It closed down :mrgreen: Yes, just our luck. Gah!

We settled for zhucao (if I am not wrong, the direct translation is “cook fried”) at S21 coffee shop (if I remembered correctly). I trusted Kang Jun to order the food. When it came, it really look good

Chilli kang kong, claypot tofu, sweet and sour pork ribs and the very tasty mai pian xia. I thought mai pian xia meant “sell fake prawns” and when I told Kang Jun that, he gave me this look: :mrgreen:

Mai pian xia is actually slightly similar to tempura but it’s fried with cereal as well (that’s what mai pian meant). So, imho, it’s really much tastier than tempuras!

Over dinner, we talked about our childhood cartoons and toys, the movies screening recently and, of course, canoe polo.

Yep, I had fun. He had fun. Dinner was enjoyable. Even without stingray

It was Soffie sis’ surprise celebration on Thursday.

We had dinner at this really fancy place called Giraffe. Surprisingly, I could not find a single main course on the menu that made me interested. Somehow, if I liked something, there is always some other weird combination to not make me what that item after all :neutral:

I was pretty tempted to get the lasagne but it had beef (Soffie got it and let me have some. A definite to kill for!) so I settled for some Japanese-Korean glass noodles with mushrooms. The serving was not large but I could barely finish up the last few forkfuls because the meal made me feel rather full with the amount of oil and gravy. (Which makes me wonder why Perrine did not feel the same way since we had the same thing.)

I feel really silly for letting slip about saving my stomach for the cake. It was meant to be a surprise! Arg!

But the cake was really lovely. Home-baked chocolate banana cake. Kudos to Amanda’s godmother!

Elisia did her usual here’s-what-I-got-for-you-in-one-of-my-overseas-trip thingy and gave us Milky Way bars, Ice Cream Skittles (Limited Edition), cherry-flavoured Hershey’s kisses and Starbursts (my favourites!)

Felt rather detached somehow but I guess everyone had their fun

PK, CJ, Me, Soffie, Perr, Elisia, Jo


And, yeah, everyone commented on how black I’m becoming. Hell, I’m even darker than Soffie right now!

First day of e-Learning week and I spent the day sleeping at home. Cough syrup is a great replacement for sleeping pills. e-Learning sucks, by the way. I would rather go school than have another 101 assignments dumped at me. Rawr.