Even though it’s the holidays, I still feel tired and busy. Like the accumulated work that I have been putting behind until school ends keeps increasing and I am unable to find enough time to complete them.

Not to mention I have been working my ass off at the restaurant to earn extra money since I am financially low at the moment.

Other than all these miserable blues, I still have things that I have been enjoying. I’ve been busy making fanlistings as well as icons. After completing a fanlisting or a batch of icons, I get this sense of satisfaction that is hard to describe.

One may say that it’s a total waste of time and it doesn’t benefit me in anyway.

But to me, it means a lot of things.

After playing Maple Story every now and then or whenever I feel like it or whenever I can actually get into Aquila, I am pleased (and proud) to say that Casafina, my Ice Wizard has finally levelled to level 38!

(I think I ought to be ashamed since everyone else I know is at least level 40. But, whatever :D)

Also, Aqua Road has opened! It’s so fun fighting sea creatures for a change

Aqua Road Available Now!

Whacking Snails No More!

The city at Aqua Road is amazing. Check out the zoo and have your picture taken with Jr. Balrog

Cheesing Jr. Balrog

So, yeah, I guess I’ll be floating under the sea around Aquila in the wee hours of the morning. If you’re there, see you

Floating Under The Sea

Finally, after waiting online for more than two weeks, I finally got the photographs from Joanne’s birthday chalet! I was more eager to have our ‘neoprint’ shots because they looked really cool despite us looking like idiots

Our 'Neoprint' Shots

And a final note: a big THANK YOU to everyone who has voted for me every now and then. I’m catching up!

NOW I know how it feels like to be light-headed. I think I overdosed on the cough syrup or something because before I knew it, my head was spinning and I couldn’t even walk straight! No kidding!

I tried archery yesterday but was too ill to continue today. Anyway, archery has left me a mark to remember—a blood clot and two large bruises. Not to mention both my upper arm muscles ache (oh ohhhhh).

I have been indulging in Fullmetal Alchemist anime and Death Note manga for the past few days. Interesting plots and storylines which makes me want to get the books and DVDs

Ok. Time to hit the bed again. My head is spinning

Reminder! It would be great it everyone continued voting for me at Labelled Taxi! Thank you!

And so, I am technically (but not officially) freed from Year 1. Oh, how I am about to embrace Year 2 (with much dread, I must add)! Why not officialy? Well, I have got to wait for my results in April. Once I manage to pass every single darn module, I do not need to repeat anything!

I am too happy to care about smaller details at the moment.

Oh! I managed to get the last two box sets of Cardcaptor Sakura’s manga! 6 volumes and I devoured them in two days! This is bad… I need new mangas to entertain me :?

One more thing! Do, do, do kindly vote for me at Labelled Taxi! Would really appreciate an award since I have not been getting any in a long, long while