Thanks for everyone who voted and those who wanted to vote but was too late! I wanted to post something before I left for canoe camp but my internet died. Right now, I just got home not too long ago and I’m too tired and sunburnt to relate about my camp.

I know that you may have come by here by accident or by the usual blog readings and linkings or maybe you’re from either Despair or Xposure. Either way, please kindly take some time off and vote for my site at Time After Time Awards in the following categories:

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Updates on how school went will resume at the end of the week

In less than nine hours, I will be starting the new school semester in a new school year. I am excited. Yet I’m afraid. Exactly like last year. Will I be able to work with my new classmates? Will I be able to keep up with my work? Will I be as busy as last year or even busier? Will I be able to survive this?

For all these and more, stay tuned and you’ll find out.

After five months of working at the restaurant, I have noticed that whenever a couple dines together (be it friends, colleagues, lovers, etc), it will always be the lady who fishes out her card/cash when the bill is being presented.

I guess the times have changed. Women, I’m afraid, will soon dominate the world.

Fear us you testosteroned homo sapiens!

There are some decisions to be made and some that have already been made. I just need to put more consideration into my options and choose what’s best for me that won’t wear me down nor tire me out.

After all, school begins next week.