Some traditions just have to go on.

Stuck in another ball
Purple balls at Marina Square this year.

Stuck in a bunch of them
We just love getting stuck in Christmas balls

Christmas Eve, my family went to the (rather) new Velocity at Novena Square to have our dinner at Pepper Lunch. It was my third time there but the first time I tried something other than the Beef Pepper Rice. I had the Hamburger and Chicken Combo. Pretty tasty

Nic and Ju
Nicole and Judaxil sharing a Double Chicken Steak.

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I thought I could make this post a rather long one since I’ve had two gatherings with two different groups of secondary school friends but, as usual, I am waiting for the photographs which takes forever to get to me!

So I guess I’ll just have to say (for now):

Happy Birthday Mommy!

It’s kind of fun having both parents’ birthdays in December because that means we (the kids, that is) can combine our resources to celebrate for both of them

It is quite a standard.

Every year since three years ago, at this certain date, I’ll usually make a post around this time to say two things:

Happy Birthday Daddy!

and that turns 3. I’m still pretty amazed that I’ve managed to keep holding on to this domain for three years.

As a present to myself, I shall give a pat on my back.