It came as a surprise, and surprise me they did. My canoe junior girls along with Jun Yu gave me a mini pre-celebration for my 21st birthday yesterday along with a lovely chocolate cake.

They were surprised that I did not find out about their plans. I blame it on my blur-ness and slowness. Also, the lack of anticipating anything.

The blue Adidas shoe bag is lovely! Thank you my girls, and yes, I love you too!

Cake and Me
Blowing out the candles

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It has been a solid month of training and I am proud to say that I have only missed one session due to health reasons (menses and a swollen eye are party-poopers).

Because I missed a Saturday training, I had only two water trainings so far. Yet, I feel accomplished being able to do all the four rolls (namely, wall roll, paddle roll, hand roll and ball roll).

A wall roll is simply using the edge of the pool to support and push oneself up when capsized. A paddle roll would be using the paddle to sweep oneself up. A hand roll is similar but without the aide of a paddle. Finally, a ball roll is a hand roll but with one arm holding the polo ball.

I feel kind of bad being able to do the rolls while some of my team girls are still struggling with a wall roll. And even though they jokingly tell me that they’re jealous, I’m not sure if they really are after all…

… was to have a fun-filled school life (this academic year) with a lot of canoeing and not so much of club activities. And yesterday’s meeting left me stunned.

I am to chair an event.

Me! The one who knows NOTHING about chairing ANYTHING has to chair a competition? Without my consultation? Turns out it was a surprise. Hoo-ha. I wonder if I can deal with this.

Already the plans have clashed with two trainings and I am not exactly happy. I’m not angry. Seriously. I’m just… frustrated, I guess. I don’t want to let either the team or the club down. But does that mean I have to go down on my own?

God save me.

I really, really don’t want to do another SPSU again…

We’ve been doing land trainings most of the time since water training was nothing much last Saturday. So everyone was excited when we were finally going to start the polo session this Saturday.

I have been waiting all week for today. And no thanks to my best friend, I am unable to go into the water

Sometimes I hate being a girl.

Edit: Dangit. I woke up this morning with a swollen eye. Thankyouverymuchgodsofswolleneyes.

What I meant by the above was that my mother has finally gotten herself a handphone! Which is a really cool ladies’ design Nokia can’t-remember-the-model phone.

And it’s 972349026 times better than all my phones put together :neutral: