You know you are having a lousy day when:

  • you over dosed yourself (with cough syrup) the night before and wake up in the middle of the afternoon
  • you meet up a friend in an attempt to cheer him up over a death of a close friend of his (which is currently a nationwide news) only to fail because you are way too disturbed with your own woes
  • you arrive at work with absobuckinlutely no mood to work
  • you have to be on your toes at work because it’s The Boss Meeting Day
  • you lose all appetite but binge on Maccas’ shaker fries for the whole night
  • you attempt to puke out all those oily, fatty fries in vain
  • you leave your phone somewhere, only to discover it missing when you’re halfway on the highway

Well, guess how my day was?

On a side note, it was nice that you remembered.

Training with Joycelyn and Geok Cheng was pretty fun Even though less than half the team turned up, it was still okay. I admit I was not in the mood to train but the moment I started passing balls, shooting and keeping, my eagerness returned

Simon was around to guide us and teach us. I believe we’ve learnt quite a few things and improved on our shooting

Another good thing about training today was that the sun was bright, hot and sunny! So I got darker and that makes me a happy kid!

After that, we had a meal at Suntec. Then Joycelyn had to leave for work. So Geok Cheng and I walked around Suntec, browsing through the newer shops and finding nothing interesting to buy. Well, until we went to CityLink’s Giordano store and saw that the racer-back tops were going at $8 (with a minimum purchase of two tops). So we both got a black medium one

Black Racer

(You can see how my hair looks like without a cap.)

Oh! The stuff I bought online came! Three different packages arrived two days ago and I was so excited! Here’s the Hollister Co. tee I got and I really think it’s a swell purchase

Hollister Co.

After that, I gave Geok Cheng her early birthday present I got for her a couple of months back–a Phillip Soven autograph

I hope you like it! I was afraid that your interest in him had diminished while he was here for Wakeboard World Cup 2007 :? Just glad that you were just as excited as I had hoped you would be

So, what did you initially think I got for you?

It is rare that I am updating my blog rather regularly these days. But since my class was so-called cancelled, I still have about 8974597834 hours (actually, just three) to kill.

Not many frequent here any more. I don’t blame them since I did not make the time nor effort to actually maintain the bond. So, if you read past archives, you will notice that I don’t really blog really deep and personal stuff. Usually it’s about my random days or something I want to share or pictures I want to post.

I guess having 8974597834 hours to kill just puts your gears in your mind to work. So, beware, it may be a long, random, (perhaps) boring and wordy post.
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After a long wait, Jolene and I have finally gotten our haircuts!

I have been wanting to change my hairstyle for some time and she was getting irritated with her hair. So we went over to her aunt’s hairdressing salon to get our hair done.

Here are some before pictures:

part of my Zoe collection
With three of my Zoes

Darling Jen and Me
With my darling Jen

To be honest, I never liked getting haircuts. Trimming or thinning my hair is fine since the hairstyle does not change. But cutting is like, this huge step to take. And after much anticipation and excitement over a couple of weeks, apprehension actually starts to creep up. My hair is what I call problematic, disobedient and stubborn. Pretty much like myself, come to think of it.
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Well, it appears that I have finally finished watching every episode of Veronica Mars. Jason Dohring is still hot-looking as Logan Echolls but Stosh “Piz” Piznarski is so cute in an indie-rockish way. Well, he’s also adorable when he goes all puppy-eyed at Veronica



Anyway, to touch on things that have been happening, well, nothing much actually. School’s still a chore (and a bore), still having an assignment that is overdue, a quiz that I managed to convince the lecturer to let me take a re-test (because I missed it due to illness but the doctor refused to grant me a MC) and my project is running behind schedule.

Training-wise ain’t that good either since my back has begun to hurt really bad recently and someone said that I might have a slip disc or something. To think that we are going to have friendlies with NP this Saturday. My arms feel flabby already

I miss my team