Note to readers: Tiang is a term we use whenever the ball hits the goal frame. Technically, it should be diang. But I guess we’ll just go along with tiang, eh?

Yesterday’s training was one of the very few trainings that had all eight of us down to train together. And, of all days, it had to be a day where almost everyone willingly joined the new tiang club—SPTC—because almost all of us kept tianging.

When I was doing some stationary shots, there was this time I tianged four times in a row. Four times! It was so frustrating that I got really angry and it made my following two shots in

I did not practice keeping for a long time. So, initially, practically everyone’s balls kept ramming into the goal. But after getting the hang of it, I managed to keep pretty decent balls. Especially those thrown by the alumni guys And Jackson tianged three times in a row! Jacky was much worse. Almost all his balls kept tianging.

Geok Cheng was saying that we practically tianged more than 50 balls yesterday :?

We played pretty okay with the guys. We managed to score three goals, too. If only we can play like this on Saturday (minus all the tianging), we could probably trash the other two teams

It would be Joycelyn’s last match with us So Geok was saying we should try and let her score as many goals as she can this Saturday

It is always amazing to discover the bruises and cuts and abrasions one can get after a training session. It is more of a wonder when one does not realise how one got the injury to begin with.

Check out my bruises on my right arm from keeping:
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I decided not to upload every single photo since there were probably 8349053489756 photos of the match itself (which may not look that great) so I just zipped and loaded the group photos. If you want the match photos, feel free to ask

April 5: Day 1
April 12: Day 3
April 13: Day 4

The Genting trip was okay, I guess. The rides were fun but we had the down moments. Especially the terrible service we got there. Not to mention the discrimination. Urg.

Anyway, we played pretty okay last weekend. We were up against NTU on Saturday, and Redtide and Devlin on Sunday.

I guess despite the lack of trainings together as a team, not to mention it’s not the team I have been playing together with for the past two years, we played pretty okay. Not too bad in my opinion. But we could have done better. Maybe we will show them this weekend

My new team (We so need a new team name)

This is pretty cool...
I’m surprised I did not capsize here

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An inside joke for us to remember and to laugh over. Again and again


hi all,
pls be reminded that all participants are required to wear their helmet at all times when u are in the pool. Players are not suppose to take off their helmet when they are inside the substitue area.

Refs can help to take note of that and remind the players to put on their helmet at all times when they are in the pool. thks

At the end of the day is for our own safety, so pls follow!!! thks


haha yes…pls do wear…if nt both ur front tooth may be broken


Stop suaning the guy who broke his front two teeth while doing bow dips with me la..

later he dont want to play the match on sunday morning



GUYS! Better sTOP taLking about

it certainly doesn’t feel good being SUANED as

if you dun believe, try putting yourself in his shoe, being
the GUY WHO BROKE HIS TWO FRONT TEETH. mayb you will feel it too!

if you still do not understand or feel it, mayb you shld learn from
the GUY WHO BROKE HIS TWO FRONT TEETH. and break your front teeth!


thanks for reading!

Heng Fu:

dun worry Potter, we are not laughing at you, we just using the THE GUY WHO BROKE HIS TWO FRONT TEETH. as an example.

Darn, can’t believe we laughed so hard at a lot of things (including the above) on Saturday

I thought it would be better to blog about the weekend in an entry but I guess after yesterday’s match, I’m not too much in a jolly mood to type about the great play my team had on Saturday

Basically, it was against NUS but, somehow, we lost. But just by a goal. Considering that we have not been training together as a team, personally, I felt that we played pretty well. Just our luck, I guess.

Yesterday’s match was against TP Frost and we just played badly. Period.

I just got some last minute bad news but, I don’t care.

I am going to have fun at Genting later!

I so can’t wait

After training last night, (well, I did not train but it does not matter for what I am about to post) Michael, Kang Jun gege, Joycelyn, Geok Cheng and I went to have dinner at Berry Nice (is that how you spell it?) since the building where McDonald’s used to locate is being torn down.

Joycelyn insisted that she did not want to eat. But Geok and I knew that she would take the leftovers. So we ordered a larger serving of noodles and Geok took these random photos of Joycelyn eating:



I know, they are a killer.

Anyway, Happy April Fool’s! Don’t get fooled too much