June 8

This would be a super random post but I don’t care! Because I just found out that JD and I share the same birthdate! That makes him the 6th or 7th person I know that has the same birthdate as me!


  1. Aww man. Only two people share my birthday – although I’ve a close friend who has her birthday only four days before mine so we’d usually celebrate together!

  2. I have a ridiculously unique birthday. While “unique” can be a good thing, it’s nice to be able to share it with someone. I never experienced a “joint birthday party” when I was kid for that reason. =P

  3. It’s a small world, my grandfather one of his children, and..the youngest of the Hanson brothers all share my birthday ^.^.. and my best friend was born a day before me.. I love having parties with my friends where we all celebrate!

  4. That’s rather cool! Sharing your bday with someone means celebrating together for sure, I’d say!

    I don’t know anyone who was born on the same day as me o.O
    lol.. Small world, but not for me =P

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