I know it’s really odd for someone like me to adore High School Musical. But I can’t help it. The songs are pretty catchy and good, plus, the choreography for the dance moves are really, really impressive.

Not to mention Zac and Vanessa just totally melt my heart whenever they are on-screen. Did I mention that Lucas is like, good? He can really pull the hot pink pants off!

And, yeah, I watched High School Musical 3: Senior Year twice in theaters in a day

I had the best time on Friday because I was listening to Chicane perform live at Chivas Live @ RVP. I was with Sham and Joe at the VIP/VVIP bar and we were just having fun

At the VIP bar
Sham, Me and Joe

Before the crowd came

So it was The Happy People Company’s 3rd birthday party on Monday at Dempsey Ben & Jerry’s and my batch of scoopies decided to meet up and head to the bash together.

It was a rather huge event. The moment we, the newbie scoopies, settled down at a relegated corner, we started taking a lot of pictures

Mirror, mirror on the wall...
Ting Ting, Sarah, Me and Yi Ling

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