It was Hans‘ birthday on Wednesday and after work, I was asked to head to Zouk to celebrate. The thing is that it was Mambo Night. And I hate mambo nights. But, it was Hans. So Charlene, Vincent and I ended up heading there.

There were a few polished 42 Below bottles by the time we arrived. So we shared a bottle of Moλt & Chandon for the birthday guy.

Even though Charlene said she hated mambo nights, too, she somehow could totally fit into the dance crowd with all her dancing actions. And I will hate her for dragging me up to the platform where I had to move my stiff body awkwardly to the disco tunes.

I hate mambo nights

He made me down a glass of red wine

Can’t remember who, Charlene and I

The White Rabbits under one Loof
High and Dry

It was like some drinking Sunday or something. As Charlene and Charlotte’s folks were out of town, they decided to host a house party. So after work on Saturday, (or early Sunday morning considering we got off at about three in the morning) we made our various ways to their place with mixers and ice (food, snacks and alcohol were provided).

When we arrived, Johnson (the part-time chef) was there and, yes, he was frying the finger food in the kitchen. And I, being the bartender, was asked by Charlene to make a massive mojito with this fruit punch bowl. It was a trial and error thing but it turned out to be pretty good. Bacardi and Absolut didn’t interest me but the wine did

We made a hell of a ruckus playing house and trance tracks off Santos’ iPod, playing group games, daring each other, drinking, smoking and just talking the roof off and the condo-management had to rap on the door three times :?

Around seven, everyone was pretty worn out and started leaving a couple of hours later. Edmond was pretty tickled by the fact that Saufi was pretty tipsy. As we walked out to the road to get a cab, the latter was singing “7 Days” by Craig David, saying the most random things (like how rare it was to smell the early morning air) and waving and saluting at every single vehicle that drove past us

As everyone made their way home, I made my way to RSAF Open House 2008. I know, everyone said it would be boring but I just wanted to go for the heck of it. Ha! Still, after all, I did want to get a license once

After that, I had to meet Weili since he wanted to surprise my colleagues at work by popping by (and trying to get free alcohol and beer. HAHA!) And since I was there a couple of hours before my shift started, my AM actually offered me beer!

It was a nice quiet Sunday with customers popping by every now and then. But, man, I was really tired since I was drinking and had no sleep at all :?

* Shack (from
To be extremely tired. Not to be confused with “shag” (the British colloquialism for having sex) even though it’s often misspelled that way in Singapore.

It’s when you just have the night off, and you were having plans in the day, but no thanks to the stupid rainy season, the heavy rain had to spoil your plans. So you decided to dye your hair. And even though the colour wasn’t quite what you wanted, even though everyone commented that it wasn’t bad… but it wasn’t good either, you still thought it was pretty neat… or maybe not that neat, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I hung out at my workplace, had a couple of drinks, helped my Bar IC to do his inventory *gives A Look to Anselm*, and then had supper with a few colleagues before getting the revision that I missed earlier in the afternoon. (Allan rocks many socks!)

Okay, so now I can’t wait for tomorrow!

last week and, in a way, it was a bad thing because for over a year, I have spent almost all my Friday and Saturday nights (aside from less than 10 nights) working. So when the schedule showed that I had both Friday and Saturday nights off, I thought I was going to spend it drinking or out partying or doing something.

Friday night was bo-ring. Because everyone knew I was usually working on weekends, everyone else I knew had plans or were out drinking and partying. So I actually got home before midnight on a Friday night. Okay, now that sounded rather loser-ish. HA!

Saturday was spent roaming around VivoCity with Weili. He wanted to spend on something but could not find anything that he liked. So we headed over to Marina Square to have dinner at MOF @ My Izakaya. Ever since I tried MOF with 7ners to celebrate Perrine’s 23rd, I have been back there around five times within two weeks

We saw the fireworks! As it was the preview for the National Day parade, we happened to catch the fireworks display outside the shopping mall

After not purchasing anything for the whole afternoon, he finally surrendered and entered Topman. There, we found two Fraggle Rock tees that were pretty cool that were going at half price. He got Boober and I got Wembley.

For the whole afternoon, he had this crazy mood to get his tongue pierced. So I brought him to my piercer at Parkway Parade. After that, we chilled at Maccas where I taught him how to eat fries. It was hilarious watching him suffer (and I think I’m going to suffer when he reads this :? )

After that, Guan picked me up and together with Nic and Amanda, we went to The Wine Hut since I suggested red wine a few days ago. I can’t remember which wine we had, but it was good and we almost got another bottle.

Sunday, Joel didi and I met at Harbourfront Centre at 8 in the morning because we were heading to Batam to cable ski for the whole day at Waterfront Cable Ski Park.

Grey Clouds
Grey clouds during the ferry ride I kept cursing for it to rain in Singapore

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Nadine’s Recent Good Finds Mix Tracklisting

01. Alkaline Trio – Calling All Skeletons
02. The Cab – Can You Keep A Secret?
03. The Maine – Everything I Ask For
04. The Bird and the Bee – Fucking Boyfriend
05. Flobots – Handlebars
06. Mirah – La Familia (Guy Sigsworth Remix)
07. PlayRadioPlay! – Madi Don’t Leave
08. This Providence – My Beautiful Rescue
09. Tegan and Sara – Nineteen
10. Stars – One More Night
11. Cute Is What We Aim For – Risquι
12. Snow Patrol feat. Martha Wainwright – Set the Fire to the Third Bar
13. Kate Havnevik – So:Lo
14. Marit Larsen – Solid Ground
15. Jim Sturgess – Something
16. The All-American Rejects – Straitjacket Feeling
17. The Perishers – Sway
18. Owl City – The Saltwater Room
19. My American Heart – The Shake (Awful Feeling)
20. Ben Folds feat. Regina Spektor – You Don’t Know Me

I was bored at work at the office. And after reading through Aein‘s list, I decided to write one as well. (I found out a lot of things that Aein and I share.)

So, if you’re bored or you want to know some things about me or if you just like reading lists about people, feel free to read my 100 Things List