… Missing Drool Cloth.

So my family (Dad, Mom, brother, sisters, Guan and Zayden Asher) and I were having lunch and it was so hot we decided to cool off at the local supermarket.

My dad told us to cool down for another five minutes before heading to the carpark while he went ahead to prepare the vehicle. While he was gone, my sisters were playing with Zayden when I saw that he was drooling a lot down his chin.

So I asked who was holding the drool cloth. My mom said my dad was, but she didn’t sound so sure. So I traced back: When Guan was feeding him earlier, I was holding the cloth, but I passed it to him (Guan, not Zayden) when I went to accompany my sisters to get some bubble tea.

Guan said he passed it to my brother when Zayden needed a diaper change. But Zayden dirtied my brother and he needed to wash up so my brother said he passed the cloth to my sister. My sister said she passed it to my dad.

Mom then went, “See? It’s with Daddy.”

So when we got onto the lorry, I asked my dad where the drool cloth was.

“Cloth?” he pointed to my mom.

“Me?” she asked, surprised.

I told my dad about tracing the cloth from me to him and he said he was the one changing Zayden’s diaper so he passed it to the closest person–my mom–and he said she put it into her bag.

“Oh, yeah…” she finally remembered.

Eh, WTG mom :mrgreen:

Anyway, we are currently on the way to the Science Centre for the Bodyworks exhibition (did I get that right?) Body Worlds exhibition and now my dad is heading the wrong way. WTG dad (if I had a rolling eyes smiley it would go here).

… drum properly.

Anyway, a big “hello!” to you if you’ve popped over from Jo‘s blog. I’m sure the craftiness she has shared with you with her passion that is music-related has been truly awesome

I have never been really musically-inclined even though I could play the keyboard/piano, drums and guitar (mediocre, of course). But I have always wished I could drum a little better, I mean, I shall admit I have two left feet at times, thus, messing up the bass drum with my snare. That is why I really admire Joel (an ex-classmate who gave me a couple of drumming lessons) who could learn double paddling within a day (or was it two hours?)

drumming layout
(Click here to enlarge and for more info.)

Guan can drum better than me So it shall be my dream that Zayden Asher will be a drummer in future Me? Well, I shall wait a little longer until I have the time (and, perhaps, the funds?) to learn drumming again

I hope you enjoyed what I have to share Now go on and head over to Deana‘s blog to read what she has to share

On a side note, if you’re lost, feel free to head to Helen‘s blog to start the blog train as she’s the kind hostess who organized this

Well, New Year’s eve and day itself was quite uneventful. We collected Guan’s Nikon D70 (I sent it for lens cleaning as a gift for him) and had some fun taking photoshoots

Zayden and I

A rather blurred shot but he looks sooo cute


Guan and I went up to the top floor of the block to catch the fireworks. But even though he brought his tripod along, the photographs turned our rather disappointing :?

The view
The lovely view

So we decided to do some silly shots

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

Guan and I

I admit, I don’t look my best here :? (I mean, messy hair and home clothes, need I say more?) but we had fun taking them

One of Guan’s best pose

Now that we have a DSLR to play with, it’s time to take shots of my acrylic calendar! (Well, will do so another day, perhaps.)

Zayden is the first (and only) baby I know who sucks his index finger instead of his thumb.

… that I could make my first post of 2010 on the first day, my website’s server had to experience “unrecoverable file system errors and must undergo an emergency restore” (according to my web host). So right now I see a lot of errors on my WordPress dashboard :?

Anyway, I changed my camera picture (see sidebar)

Will post a proper new year post once my account is restored! (Which would probably take all night.)