So I suffered from bad tummy aches over the Lunar New Year, causing me to be unable to enjoy all the goodies that everyone stuff themselves with, and the only excuse people use to just eat a little more and gain unwanted weight. Haha!

Hoo boy am I suffering now

So I was at Zouk last night for Armin van Buuren. Man, he was awesome! But a pity I was a tad way too tipsy to enjoy the best set at 4.30 a.m. And I forgot to charge my camera so I don’t have any good photos of him

Well, on a happier note, he shook my hand! I squeezed all the way to the front where the DJ console was and got Tarmidzie to carry me up so I could shake his hand. Haha! I think I practically told everyone who texted me last night about shaking his hand in caps

Armin van Buuren at Zouk

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Anyway, it’s my dad’s birthday as well as‘s 5th birthday! Can’t believe I still keep this domain for half a decade :?

Happy Birthday Daddy!

More about my surfing trip at Cherating in the next post…

So I’ll be off to Cherating, Malaysia for a surfing trip Perrine and I have been wanting to go since April. Hopefully, I won’t drown or get hit by the surfboard or something.

Ooh! An adventure! I can’t wait

I know it’s really odd for someone like me to adore High School Musical. But I can’t help it. The songs are pretty catchy and good, plus, the choreography for the dance moves are really, really impressive.

Not to mention Zac and Vanessa just totally melt my heart whenever they are on-screen. Did I mention that Lucas is like, good? He can really pull the hot pink pants off!

And, yeah, I watched High School Musical 3: Senior Year twice in theaters in a day