Today marks the end of my month-long (really, it felt like months) confinement period because…

Zayden Asher is one month old!

So far, my parents and siblings commented that he grew chubbier, heavier and longer. But since I see him every time, I only could tell he was longer because when I place him in the same position in the cot, his feet can hit the sides if he kicks hard.

Anyway, here are some photos of his progression…

Four hours old


He opened one eye then…

… and both eyes later in the day

Three days old

One week old (We love this portrait!)

Nine days old

19 days old

Three weeks old

26 days old

Day before 1st month

(Okay, so I went overboard with the photos. I had initially wanted to just post one per week, making it four. But, look at him! I’m sure you guys want to see more.)

I found my own newborn photos and realized that he probably looked like me when I was still in the hospital because subsequent photographs showed that he look rather different from me.

That’s me in the hospital cot 24 years ago

Mom and I
My mom and I

No big celebration today. In fact, Guan and I were supposed to bring Zayden over to my old home but he came home late from camp and we’re both totally exhausted. (That’s why once I click “Publish”, I’m going to hit the sack before Zayden’s next feeding time.) But, my parents will be having a celebration later this week so for those who are coming over, (with red packets or gifts, I hope Kidding!) be excited to meet him!

A little note to those who actually plan to bring diapers: No Drypers and no newborn size. He’s quite a big baby :?

Guan and I finally registered his birth!

As most of you know, the delay was due to the fact that we had trouble coming up with a name since we eliminated a lot of names suggested. And when we finally came out with one, we were shot down by my mom :mrgreen: But I went on to find a meaning behind the name and it was good so hey-ho! His names are awesome!

There are 9834750938756 uber cute shots of him but here are a couple for the online folks to enjoy

Everyone, meet Zayden Asher

He does know when his picture is being taken because he seems to look right into the camera lens :?

He fell asleep on my chest with this expression

He’s quite a sociable baby but he does really wear me out at times. I can’t imagine when he can start running around like Dylan, my hyperactive first cousin, once removed :neutral:

Anyway, he brings in joy to the family (on both sides) and a whole lot of noise to the estate

… we went on our first date

Well, only back then I didn’t think it was a date. It was more of a chilling-out-with-a-buddy-session.

I had the weekend off and did not know who to go out with when I asked if he and Nic were free to go drinking. He told me Nic was busy so I met him after work (at Ben & Jerry’s) and dinner (with some random bunch of guys I met) and we went to my workplace to drink (since I could get staff discount. Haha!)

When he met me, he passed me this imitation Eeyore soft toy (that was from those machines with claws. What do you call them?) and he shrugged it off like it was no big deal. I’m not sure why I sort of liked it (I don’t usually fancy imitation goods) and kept it in my bag since then.

Well, it’s been a year

Since I was still officially confined to home, we made a quick trip to Tampines Mall in an attempt to find the chocolate Baileys mooncakes Joanne spotted a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the arena where the mooncakes stalls were set up back then have been replaced by Osim massage chairs

Guan and Me

Guan and Me

Guan and Me

I love you sweetheart! :idea:

Okay, so I’m like, a day late. But I’m trying to make it up since it’s my first post for October!

In which I realized that I did not blog at all on September! :? Oh dear. Anyway, it’s about time I should update my QBee Quilt and my web cam picture *points to right sidebar* (I did not update the cam for over a year!) But I can’t update the former till I’ve plugged Guan’s laptop and I need some fonts and files to update the latter :neutral:

Anyway, if anyone is wondering, things are okay (I guess). I have been tired and sleep is no longer in my system (since I take naps) but other than that, all is well

Okay! I’ll blog a better post tomorrow!

… which means I need to re-learn how to turn this thing on.

Along with the whole which-channel’s-the-normal/cable/video-buttons.

Anyway, I just received a text from my cousin regarding my niece Cheyenne’s first month celebration which will be held mid next month. If anyone has been around long enough, you would probably remember Dylan‘s first month celebration. He sported a mohawk hairstyle and we realized that he was a Nike-kid from then onwards because subsequently, every time we see him, he is wearing Nike shoes

It seems like I will start every post with, “Whaaat?! WordPress upgraded again?!” :?

Anyway, as my home does not have a television set for years, my family promptly skips watching the parade for a number of years (there were a few where we actually attended the parade itself).

Then again, ever since I discovered the joy of higher pay while working on public holidays (back when I was happily single), I have always enjoyed working on these days where everyone else who was in a relationship wanted to spend the holidays with their S.O.

Anyway, I asked Guan a few weeks ago what he planned to do on National Day this year. His response was, “Every year is standard: Watch the parade on TV, then go upstairs to watch the fireworks.” (There is a view of the fireworks on the top floor of his block.)

I must admit I was sort of disappointed that there was nothing else, or rather, he did not plan anything else for this holiday. Then again, with the crowds everywhere, I would really hate to go anywhere near town

I guessed I did have something in mind but since that was what he did every year, I didn’t say very much.

We were both really exhausted on the day itself (Sunday) because we were at his friend’s 21st birthday celebration in which some of us headed to Cineleiure after that to play L4D. It was our first time and I shall admit that I really suck at it. till Biondi came and told me how to (roughly) play the game. But I enjoy being the Infected than the Survivor

Anyway, Sunday was an awesome day for sun-tanning. But since we were so tired, we went home after church and slept. Guan woke me up at half past seven and I groggily suggested watching the parade on TV.

Apparently, we like different things about the parade. He likes the beginning where all the different contigents march in, the firing of guns, the bombing of cannons, the arrival of the president…

As for myself, I find that part boring :? I prefer the mass displays on the field and all the different acts (is it called acts?)

Well, at least we both like fireworks

While watching the parade, I noticed that no one was standing along the highway to spectate the parade without a ticket. I asked Guan why there weren’t anyone as I’d expected to see a crowd there. He said, “No one is supposed to stand there in case someone is armed with a sniper. That’s why no cars can stop there either.”

After hearing that, I felt really foolish because I had initially planned to camp there to take spectacular fireworks shots. Guess I’m glad I didn’t suggest that in the first place :neutral: