I was working on Sunday night when Charlene texted, asking me to head over to Mervin’s birthday chalet after my shift. I was hestitant to join since I did not know Mervin that well (besides that one drinking session with a few others) so I asked if I was invited.

She replied with his text invitation (which he massed texted to those he invited) and I replied, asking in a joking manner I was invited by him or she had forced him to Well, I went down to the chalet anyway.

I arrived just as Mervin was about to put out the BBQ pit. He cooked me some really tasty meat as well as a couple of hot dogs as Charlene introduced me to the small group that was hanging around, drinking and gambling. There was his wife, JD and his girlfriend, Morris, other ex-NAB staff and their girlfriends…

After clearing up, Mervin, Charlene, Morris and I sat down and started playing card games. Loser drinks the cup of beer. We could go a round and either pour more beer into the cup or pour out the beer. Morris kept getting the smallest card and kept putting off drinking the beer until there were four cups in front of him. I think out of the 13 rounds we played, he lost like, nine rounds? And we all helped him with his beer :mrgreen: But apparently it was still too much for him and he puked later on :?

Even though it was not a big thing, it felt nice and I enjoyed myself

My internship started last week and it’s boring. Well, and somewhat demanding. This is a reason why I will never get a full-time job at the office.

Since last week, I have been pulling a five-day-six-night week. I am somewhat amazed that I can just sleep for about three hours a day, pull a nine-hour long office job, then a seven-hour shift at the bar. I guess I can now claim the title Charles gave me a few months ago: Superwoman

It was pretty much a lousy day yesterday with oversleeping, getting to internship an hour late, getting crap from the higher up folks, being demanded to do stuff that gets rejected 7863458976 times, re-doing those stuff 7863458977 times, listening to someone tell me something that I have been suppressing for months so now it becomes a reality, missing training because of internship, getting to work late because of internship…

Okay, basically, internship sucks.

That is why I wanted to go drinking. So, after work at half past three this morning, some colleagues and I ended up at a bar drinking beer and Chivas and watching the Chelsea-Liverpool match. I am not much of a soccer fan but I supported Liverpool this morning. In fact, everyone else was supporting them. But darn Chelsea! If that penalty was not scored, it could have been a draw.

Charlene was the only one rejoicing and making a whole lot of noise, irritating the shit out of everyone else (She is only supporting them because Liverpool kicked her team, Arsenal, out.)

I enjoyed myself tremendously. It made me forget (more or less) about my lousy day. And it made me look forward to working tonight

Yeah, I love working

An inside joke for us to remember and to laugh over. Again and again


hi all,
pls be reminded that all participants are required to wear their helmet at all times when u are in the pool. Players are not suppose to take off their helmet when they are inside the substitue area.

Refs can help to take note of that and remind the players to put on their helmet at all times when they are in the pool. thks

At the end of the day is for our own safety, so pls follow!!! thks


haha yes…pls do wear…if nt both ur front tooth may be broken


Stop suaning the guy who broke his front two teeth while doing bow dips with me la..

later he dont want to play the match on sunday morning



GUYS! Better sTOP taLking about

it certainly doesn’t feel good being SUANED as

if you dun believe, try putting yourself in his shoe, being
the GUY WHO BROKE HIS TWO FRONT TEETH. mayb you will feel it too!

if you still do not understand or feel it, mayb you shld learn from
the GUY WHO BROKE HIS TWO FRONT TEETH. and break your front teeth!


thanks for reading!

Heng Fu:

dun worry Potter, we are not laughing at you, we just using the THE GUY WHO BROKE HIS TWO FRONT TEETH. as an example.

Darn, can’t believe we laughed so hard at a lot of things (including the above) on Saturday

After leaving the workforce to serve the nation six months ago, Yao Wei and I finally had the chance (and time) to meet up to catch up, chill, and, of course, drink

He was almost an hour late So dinner was on him

I have never, ever eaten crÍpes before. It was not because I never had the chance or that I don’t want to. It is just that I wanted my first taste of crÍpes at Out of the Pan (at Raffles City). So that was where we had dinner first

Out of the Pan

He had some escargot crÍpe while I had smoked ham. So, how was the first taste of crÍpe? Well, since I had smoked ham, it tasted like some ham pizza
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I wanted to do an entry on my first time cutting up a whole papaya, but, of course, Jo is always more important than an overripe fruit

Happy 23rd Birthday to you dear Jo! We love you always! (Even though we still know that you cannot cut a square cake.)

We had dinner at Miss Saigon, a Vietnamese restaurant in Bugis. I had my all-time favourite: Grilled Chicken and Spring Rolls Vermicelli. However, it was not very nice as I have tasted better ones

I think that every year, as we grow a year older, we have to become more mature. So that means no loud birthday song singing and not much camwhoring

Jo, her cake and five candles'
Her cake only had two big and two small candles. So we made her hold the last small candle

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Since it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I decided to wear my Threadless Stupid Cupid tee!

I should have bought a size S so it looks kind of big on me :?

Stupid Cupid'
I so love this design!

I stayed up and made breakfast for my family. I made french toast, and, guess what? Yep. The toast was heart-shaped!
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