Shall We Dance? was a movie that he thought would turn out crappy since JLo was inside. I honestly admit, Iíd thought so too.

But the dancing got the better of me and so, we watched that. I donít like to admit it, but I like dancing. However, I love admitting the fact that I canít dance :oops: So there.

Anyway, donít watch the movie because of JLo. I donít think sheíd like that. After all, her character would not like any guy to join ballroom dancing because of her. She said so herself. Heh

Well, I loved the movie. He loved it too So why are you still reading this? Go secure a seat now!

Elektra was a different story. Iím not much of a Dare Devil follower but I think Elektraís cool. I did not watch Dare Devil only because Ben Affleck starred in it. I so do not like that guy.

I was told by many people that Elektra had no plot and that the only reason why itís still selling is because of Jennifer Garner. Well, I beg to differ.

Ever since I watched 13 Going On 30, Jennifer has always been Jenna to me. So seeing Elektra was like seeing a dead serious Jenna on a mission. Iím sorry, but itís hard to change my image of one person at times.

Then again, I watched Elektra only because of action. I like action. But not like those huge explosive demolition-of-buildings-every-five-minutes kind. I like comic-hero kind of actions. Heroes like Spiderman. Or Batman. Not Dare Devil. Puh-leeze :mrgreen:

Well, the kid who plays Abby Miller, Kirsten Prout is rather cute-looking. For a teenage girl. Not that Iím les or anything, if you know what I mean.

Two movies in a day. Yeah, I had a great time, thanks for asking.

happy boxing day everyone! though I’ve never celebrated this holiday before, it’s nice to wish it. lol.

how did everyone spend christmas? this christmas was just another holiday for me. I didn’t expect any gifts. not even from my parents since they have a habit of not giving gifts. but I got really sensible gifts from my mom. wait. sensible isn’t the word – practical is.

what did she get me? oh. she got me two pairs of ankle socks and a sports bra. really practical ain’t it? and guess what her friend, aunty serene gave me? yep. another pair of socks. come to think of it, my mom’s sister, aunty mary, gave me a pair of yellow billabong socks the year before. what’s up with socks and christmas I ask you?!

I used the comp till 2 am on christmas morn and woke at 8+ and found out that sam was still sleeping. woke him up with a call and left the house to meet him. we went to great world city to watch love actually.

now 7ners planned a day to watch that show last week I believe and I did not join them coz I wasn’t interested in that movie. and boy was I glad I didn’t go with them. coz the movie wasn’t that great anyway.

even sam said it was a little disappointing as he heard it was really good and was dying to catch that 10.40am show and dragged me along. oh well. at least I didn’t waste any money (so obviously he paid for it ;p)

we had lunch at crystal jade. really cina (‘chinese’ in malay) place. well, it is after all a chinese restaurant. then I went home and got a fight with my dad. oh whatever. we had to make up eventually coz it’s christmas.

went back to my old church for a christmas service. felt really weird being there. it’s been more than a year since I last went back to that place. due to certain unexplanable circumstances.

and that is how I spent my christmas day.

boxing day isn’t special. had to go work o_O and I’ve updated a whole chunk of stuff in this site so check the updates page. received late xmas gifts and fansigns so check that out too.

voting is still on at until forever awards so those who haven’t vote *ahem ahem* please go and vote now -hints-


merry christmas!
*throws conffetti around and starts doing a mad dance around the computer*

lmao. okay. that was really lame. that gift up there -points up- is for those who didn’t receive a gift from me. sorry but maybe I’ve left you out. for some others who still haven’t gotten it, it’s coz I don’t have your email adds! -makes a face-

I still have dani’s, debra’s, delia’s, ebony’s, isla’s and sue anne’s gifts. sorry. too lazy to add in their urls =/

oh yeah. is up! go see it! if you still see nothing, you’ve gotta click refresh a couple of times. don’t rush through the site k? just take your time

rotk yesterday was great! but kinda spoiler coz I was watching with jun wei and he watched it before so we kept exchanging views and I really hate him for saying that frodo and sam were gays coz of their love for each other.

don’t worry fans I’ve given him a number of punches for whatever nonsense he’s been spewing ;D

I specially wanna thank annette, april, janis, laurie, mo, per and xtyncia for making me lovely xmas gifts/cards/fansigns/whatever-you-call-ems

and I just have to put this here. per is a wonder girl she’s made pill for the 7ners! (mouseover for names)

for the whole of this week, I think I’ll be sleeping in the living room with my siblings. why? my dad’s re-doing my siblings’ room and technically, I don’t really have a room so I just crash in with my siblings so yeah, now we are all sleeping in the living room =/

why don’t I have a room? well, actually, I did. but it wasn’t even a room. just a partitioned ‘room’ with high cupboards as walls and a curtain for a door o_O it’s small but cosy. and I’ve loved it for 5 years as I grew in my room.

but this year, my parents just had to tear it down so no room for me and I have to squeeze in with my three younger siblings. I never thought of it as ‘our room’ though so I still refer to it as ‘my siblings’ room’ instead.

and all the sawing and drilling and hammering has got dust in the house so maybe that’s why I was sneezing like hell today. it doesn’t help when I work at the office and it’s freezing cold o_O

anyway, went to watch rotk (yes again) with sam yesterday. rocking good as usual since the audience clapped so much after the legolas scene, I didn’t hear what gimli said to him after that. so yesterday I finally caught what he said. he said indignantly, “it still counts as one!” -rofl-

tomorrow’s christmas eve. anyone has big plans like last minute shopping? I’m gonna watch rotk yet again ;D well, that is if I can get the tickets. lol.

I’m glad everyone liked their gifts I’ve sent if you haven’t received yet, do not panick. I’ve still got a number yet to send out. it’s hard retrieving your email addys =x

[edit] decided to add a nicer page for sfa. lol. if you still see a white page, refresh it a couple of times.

to janis: yeah. totally loved legolas’ solo part. the audience was clapping as he slid down gracefully. I nearly faint with delirium (sp?) -sighs wistfully and dreamily- lmao. [/edit]

ah yes. watched the nice 3 hr 15 min show last night and it really is totally awesome! minus the fact that I went to watch it at lido plus I was at the first few rows, the movie rocked.

but I admit the ending was rather slow. kinda draggy. and I thought that the war ended too fast. lmao. they should make the war longer. and wil was saying that he’s waited 3 bloody years for frodo to drop the ring into mount doom so let’s hurry and get over it -rofl-

listening to the soundtrack as I blog this and it’s really powerful. I can actually see the scenes as I hear the soundtrack. last year when I watched two towers (did I mention I watched it 11 times? lmao) and I got the leather cover soundtrack, whenever I listen to it, I can see the scenes in my mind, what’s gonna happen, what they’re doing. the soundtrack really is good. go get one!

now I can’t wait for monday. will be watching it with sam and I’ve gotta book the tickets online now o_O if I try to buy on that day, it’s quite impossible as it’s always sold out. sold out! imagine that -grumbles-

oh, and I’m glad many of you liked the poem ;D I’ve got alot more and I’ll showcase them in my other domain in which I’m setting up now. hope to open it on christmas week.

and one more thing: voting for until forever awards have started so kindly vote for me pretty please? I’ll love ya millions for it if I win. heh. so please vote now~

a beach walk

I wish you would’ve held my hand
I wish you could’ve understand
right across the dampened sand
along the sandy beach

and along the sandy beach
it was like you were out of reach
so unwilling just to teach
teach me the way

hidden from the path that lay
bidding time from day to day
like there’s a huge price to pay
for this little miss

“wait” you tell this little miss
look in her eyes and plant a kiss
let her have this moment in bliss
et her understand

till today
how I wish that day
would turn out a different way

if you would’ve held my hand
stop and say you understand
right across the wet sand
and gave me a kiss

ack. yeah. back to poetry again o_O

guess what I’ve got -grins- yep yep yep *dance around* I’ve got the soundtrack for lotr: rotk. lalala~ and I’m gonna watch it this sat (whoopey doo!) with wil and ter and their friends I guess -gives a big cheesy smile- I can’t wait. but stupid stupid fir spoilt it by telling me legolas majored in only one scene -pouts- when I meet him to watch rotk again I’m gonna hammer him. I’ll freaking pound him to minced meat for telling me. I am so mad! -mock scowl-

been busy trying to make the layout for sfa but I realised I’ve got alot more to do plus, I still have unprettyful to set up -sighs-