Since it was Valentine’s Day yesterday, I decided to wear my Threadless Stupid Cupid tee!

I should have bought a size S so it looks kind of big on me :?

Stupid Cupid'
I so love this design!

I stayed up and made breakfast for my family. I made french toast, and, guess what? Yep. The toast was heart-shaped!
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The Sunday before, we were two clowns dressed alike (black pants/skinny jeans, Hollister Co. tees, sneakers and sling bags). It was so amusing we stayed out all night and Weili did crazy stuff. Check it out:

On the road
On the road between Marina Square and The Esplanade

Last Sunday, we were five idiots gorging on 80 pieces of chicken nuggets (with curry sauce!) from MacDonald’s. My colleagues and I actually got high on them Not to mention our stomachs felt like bursting. It is going to be amusing whether they will continue eating nuggets this Sunday. I won’t be joining them though

Anyway, it’s birthday time!

Happy 24th Birthday Jun Wei Sweet!

I guess you don’t want to take pictures with your candle or me anymore But it’s okay! You’ve got a spankin’ nice gift (Yeah, it is so hot it burnt 87346589 holes in my pocket. Ha!)

Happy 20th Birthday Joel di!

So you’re older once again

Let’s see here. I am still waiting for the photos from the Canoe Polo 3-on-3 Challenge. How was it? Tiring. Try competing eight matches overnight. I described my injuries to my friend and the response I got was, “Sounds like you’ve been to a war.” :?

So I shall post a couple of pictures of Jolene and I at MoS with Rey and her coursemates

Jo and I

Jo and I
Not sure why I was being so squinty-eyed

It is going to be another long weekend, it seems. After this entry, I’m going to rush off to meet my team to move the boats over to NTU for the Canoe Polo 3-on-3 Challenge then play matches overnight there till Saturday morning. Then, I think, move the boats back and then finally heading home to catch some sleep before heading to work later in the night. After my shift, I’m going to head to Jo‘s place for our New Year gathering where I’ll be making them breakfast (and hopefully, eating the leftovers from potluck.) Then, I’m not sure if I should be training on Sunday afternoon before going off to work at night.

I wanted to do my first Friday 5 of the year but I realized that the questions were way too hard to answer. 2007 was not a good year :?

Someone texted me this that almost made me laugh out loud in public:

Happy new year to you, my cute, lil’, butch-lookalike, spit-loving friend.. =D

New Year’s Eve was terribly packed! My workplace was slammed with 8974509239047 customers trying to order drinks! By the time 0000 hours rolled around, the fireworks began and the balloons were released, I was standing by the bar, totally exhausted, waiting for my drinks order to arrive so that I could send it to a customer.

I can’t remember how many freaking champagne bottles I opened, but let’s say that the bar ran out of Moet and ran low on Mumms.

Since my New Year was quite boring, a couple of pictures from Christmas

East Coast
East Coast at night

chilling out

Training with Joycelyn and Geok Cheng was pretty fun Even though less than half the team turned up, it was still okay. I admit I was not in the mood to train but the moment I started passing balls, shooting and keeping, my eagerness returned

Simon was around to guide us and teach us. I believe we’ve learnt quite a few things and improved on our shooting

Another good thing about training today was that the sun was bright, hot and sunny! So I got darker and that makes me a happy kid!

After that, we had a meal at Suntec. Then Joycelyn had to leave for work. So Geok Cheng and I walked around Suntec, browsing through the newer shops and finding nothing interesting to buy. Well, until we went to CityLink’s Giordano store and saw that the racer-back tops were going at $8 (with a minimum purchase of two tops). So we both got a black medium one

Black Racer

(You can see how my hair looks like without a cap.)

Oh! The stuff I bought online came! Three different packages arrived two days ago and I was so excited! Here’s the Hollister Co. tee I got and I really think it’s a swell purchase

Hollister Co.

After that, I gave Geok Cheng her early birthday present I got for her a couple of months back–a Phillip Soven autograph

I hope you like it! I was afraid that your interest in him had diminished while he was here for Wakeboard World Cup 2007 :? Just glad that you were just as excited as I had hoped you would be

So, what did you initially think I got for you?