It’s the time of the year again where I will wish two guys close to my heart a very happy birthday.

Joel, I know you hardly come here and all that but your jie wants to wish you a very happy 19th birthday! I can’t believe time has passed so fast. I just want to wish you all the best in whatever you do

It’s also dear Jun Wei’s 23rd birthday today (I’m so sorry for the mistake and I can’t believe I still think you’re 22 dangit! :roll:)

We were supposed to head to The Balcony for lunch initially but I guess we were both too tired and ended up napping at my place after church ended. Ah, well, I guess eating there will have to wait for another day :neutral:

Jun Wei and Me
The Birthday Boy and Me

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Getting fever is pretty okay. Really. It’s a matter of how high the fever goes. So let’s say one gets a temperature of 37.7 degrees celcius. It’s still rather ok. You won’t die or get sent to the hospital. The most you just take some medication and the fever subsides.

The thing about me is that I’m allergic to the fever medication. Any dosage would result in swollen eyes and rashes for the next couple of days.

So when I was down with fever on Friday afternoon, I went over to Jun Wei‘s place to rest. But by evening, my fever rose to a good 39.1 degrees celcius. Unlike 37.7, 39.1 is really high. I could get sent to the hospital (yuck). So he started sponging me, trying to bring down the temperature.

He ended up calling Mother who told him to give me half a tablet of paracetamol (which is a fever medication that I’m allergic to). I told him I could not take it. But he said my mom told him to give it to me. Knowing I was going to suffer for the next three days, I took it.

When Aunty (Jun Wei’s mother) came in later, she found out that my eyes had indeed swelled. I had no idea since I was trying to sleep. So when she told me my eyes were swollen, my first thought was, “Ohmygosh, I must look like crap now.”

Then the rest was a hurry of calling my parents, arranging to see the doctor, drowning a quick dinner and grabbing a cab to the clinic.

Gah. I can’t believe I am so weak.

What I meant by the above was that my mother has finally gotten herself a handphone! Which is a really cool ladies’ design Nokia can’t-remember-the-model phone.

And it’s 972349026 times better than all my phones put together :neutral:

So, you wonder, what’s the special occasion? Nothing much, really. Just that Jun Wei and I happened to receive this text message from our provider, SingTel, giving us the priority queue so we need not join the 1 km public queue.

He was such a sadist, wanting to walk the whole queue to that those we were not in the priority queue could get jealous of us :mrgreen:

By the way, we went to Ministry of Sound at Clarke Quay. We danced, drank and chilled at the Smoove Room where loud hip-hop and R&B could be heard blaring over the speakers. I did not expect to see anyone I know there but surprise, surprise. I saw Pong and Jian Yi.

I had fun and am rather beat. Not to mention, water training at Kallang tomorrow :neutral:

… I should be happy. After all, Jun Wei bought me my first Billabong t-shirt. We were actually shopping for shirts for him when he spotted that shirt. Turns out that it was the last piece and it was one size too small for him. So he placed it on me and said, “Hey! It looks nice on you.”

So he got it for me and I was like a kid having my chocolate cake

I went back to Kinokuniya today hoping to exchange my BLEACH volume 12 for something else. Thank goodness they gave me the okay! I wanted to get Rurouni Kenshin volume 3 but there wasn’t any stock. So I went through the whole store at the Takashimaya outlet and finally decided to settle for Robert Frost: Selected Poems (after considering X-Men Ultimate Guide and Neil Gaiman’s novels).

I peeled off the plastic wrapping and removed the price tag before opening the book to the contents page.

The book did not contain Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. As a comfort, at least it had The Road Not Taken.