I am beginning to have a splitting headache but I feel a great need (and urge) to blog this question:

What makes a blog popular?

The blog’s content itself? Or the site’s content? The designs? The goodies/freebies? The way the blogger blogs or the topics s/he blogs? Or maybe people visit blogs and comment, hoping that the blogger would return the favour? (I’ve known idiots like these)

I went bowling last night. Only to find out that all 24 lanes were full and we were third on waiting list. So to kill time, we played pool. Just two games only because it costs two bucks per game.

The last time we pooled, it was more than six months ago at orchard. But I still managed to win both games

Anyhow, we got a lane and… I realised how terrible my bowling is.

I did not even get a strike! To think that all my training back in year one was wasted. I couldn’t believe that the two games I bowled were my worst scores ever. 40 to 60 range.

You wanna guess something? Yes! My friend bowled much better than me! And this friend claims to hate bowling and has only bowled four times before.

As my friend says, “The gods of bowling must be smiling at me.” I wonder what I did to offend those gods to frown upon me :neutral:

Okay, not that they’re really freaks, but you catch my drift.

It’s almost evening and it’s rather hard for my rather tired mind to accept the fact that it’s almost dinner-time when I just got up about two hours ago.

It was the usual japanese vcd watching marathon last night—or rather, early this morning. And I was surrounded by the Jap Freaks—Perrine, Elisia and Elisia’s older sister Evelyn. What I mean by ‘Japanese Freaks’ is that they’re crazy for anything Japanese.

So instead of watching movies like Mean Girls or Saved! or those usual chick flicks, we were watching Last Quarter (some japanese ghost movie) and Moon Child (some japanese vampire movie).

You’re probably thinking what brave girls we are—no guys, four girls, middle of the night, ghost and vampire movies. However, they are so not. Scary, I mean. It’s creepy but it’s not scream-able material.

I dozed off halfway when they were watching the behind-the-scenes for Last Quarter and I was half drooping during Moon Child but after the latter, it was about 9 in the morning and I felt rather energetic.

But I needed the energy for tonight as it is Elisia’s birthday dinner, so I lay down and in four minutes, I was in dreamland.

Hmm, I need to find out the kid who plays the small Sho in Moon Child.

(In order of preference)


  • Ryan Cabrera’s Take It All Away
  • Jesse McCartney’s Beautiful Soul
  • Shall We Dance? Soundtrack


  • Admission to SP
  • Admission to TP (only if I’m rejected at SP)

Good crap. Tomorrow is Doom’s Day. How am I gonna sit through a two-hour long aptitude test?

Just let me die.


When I say dead, I meant dead tired. That’s how I’m feeling now.

Imagine getting out of bed at 4.30 a.m. for three mornings straight to work for three hours, going home at 10 a.m. feeling tired but unable to sleep, trying to occupying yourself while you wait for your body to feel tired and finally nap for three hours in the late afternoon.

I didn’t know I had to be like this for this month.

God bless me.