Jo: Yes, both are from SK Jewellery and I found out that it isnít the same as Soo Kee :mrgreen: Anyway, does anyone know the price? Iíve seen it in newspaper advertisements but never really noted the price of it :neutral:

Even on the best days like this, bad memories are created.


Not the same
Anyone know whatís the price for this?

Oh, and Happy Valentineís Day.

I canít believe it. But I rotted my day away at home today.

Well, not really. My Gu Gu (youngest Aunt on my dadís side), her husband and coming two-year-old cousin Abigail came over to my placeónot to visit, butóto fix up the computer.

Will post more tomorrow (with pictures!)

After three years of procrastination, I have finally, finally, finally gotten my lazy ass over to school and collected my O Level certificate.

Look at my joy:
My O Level Cert!

Lexiena at Level 25 Hallelujah! Finally! After two long weeks of killing snails, squishing green droplets, chiong-ing* pigs, whacking mushrooms and hacking tree trunks, I have finally moved up to level 25 on my warrior, Lexiena. Check out my new and blue outfit.

(Okay, the cap quality is really bad. It looks dull blue here

If youíre wondering what Iím talking about, welcome to the world of Maply Story. Iím not sure what kind of online game it is but I was told by Jun Wei that itís a MPORPG (multi-player online role playing game).

Itís rather addictive, I must say. Itís a joy to kill all those snails/squishies/mushrooms/tree trunks/pigs No, Iím not stressed. Neither am I sick so kindly stop feeling my forehead!

But Iím not that evil, really. Check out what Jun Weiís magician Aeldureth was doing when someone else died :mrgreen:

Evil Aeldureth

* to chiong: to charge (at)

I donít get it. They were perfect for each other. Jun Wei texted me just yesterday: ďToo perfect for each other, huh?Ē

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt announce split
Jen and Bradís last kiss

I thought theyíd last. Really, I thought they would. If thereís anything to blame, Iíll blame their careers. Or at least, Jenniferís one, that is.

I think the whole split has affected me. Iím feeling achy all over and my throat feels sore.

And what a first entry for the new year, a new blog. To think that 2005 may be a better year for me. Well, at least Iíve been expecting a better year when Alex texted me 12 minutes into the new year saying, ďHappy New Year Naddie 2005 will be better than 2004. DEFINITELY :)Ē

Well, what happened to my start of the new year?