I was a very happy kid when I brought home SG$60 worth of books from Kinokuniya. It was not until I cut open the plastic of my BLEACH volume 12 (as well as de-tag it) and flipped through the book only to realise that it looked familiar…

I walked towards my BLEACH manga shelf. To my horror, I realised that I had bought volume 12 a few weeks ago. DANGIT.

At times, I feel that I am a great procrastinator. No matter how well I plan my stuff, I still end up completing my assignments last minute, studying for test in the final hour and rushing to school in a taxi.

Three weeks ago, I planned a schedule to start revising my maths and java. I tried staying home, told my manager not to put me to work for two weeks and printed my notes from the school’s site. Till today, I have only completed two chapters on maths and none of java. The maths paper would be tomorrow and java the day after. What on earth am I thinking now? To think that I am still idling my time.

Someone, please, whack me in the head or something.

I need to get my act together. I’ve been lazing around, doing a bit of this and that, and not concentrating with either school, work or online commitments. This kinda suck (imho). Yes, I don’t have the urge to study (despite the fact that tests are next week), and that I’ve got some stuff to settle. Not to mention that I really need to find out how to tweak this layout.

Bah. I wish there were more than 24 hours per day…

So darned pissed at the hacker who hacked three of my domains because of all the domains he hacked into, he had to hacked into my blog and my fanlistings.

Thanks a lot you loser. Now I’ll just have to spend the next lifetime of mine getting all my fanlistings back up.

I’m pissed. So don’t aggravate me.

I may explode.

Thankfully, I’ve done a database backup for this site. I should have done a home one too. Darn. Now I have to redo the sidebar *sighs*

Don’t ever get hosted at HostNDezign. They don’t even deserve a link from me.