After checking my school assignments, I realised that I’ve got a lot due this and next week.

Not to mention I’m working three days a week, plus, online commitments…


So, the new school semester has started and I feel like this half of the year would be much more hectic than the last one. Apparently, the modules I’m taking are not solely assignment-based but exam-based as well.

To think that I’ve got big plans on re-doing most of my sites. Looks like I’ll have to let some go.

With just a month before the end of the semester, I am having a hard time thinking whether I’m doing well or not.

Oral Communication (OC): I heard I scored between the 60-70 range for my first presentation. Then again, I don’t really trust hearsays. As for my speech writing, I missed the last lesson and have yet to get my results back.

Critical Reasoning Skills (CRS): One of the most loathed modules of mine (not just because of the lecturer), I failed my first essay writing on the casino debate. It’s a low fail, by the way.

Innovation; Design and Enterprise in Action (IDEA): My group scored well for our first presentation on our product, The BOX. The BOX is based on multimedia, wifi (wireless) and conceptual art. Go figure.

Database Management Systems (DBMS): Remember how I tried to run away from my test? I really lacked confidence in that paper, being the last one to enter the room and the first one to leave. I had a real shocking moment (my heart literally stopped for a nanosecond) when I found out that I had scored a distinction for that paper. My magical moment lasted for a few minutes until I asked the lecturer whether the paper was considered easy or hard.

“It is actually relatively easy.”

There goes my victory dance.

Graphic Design using Imaging Tools (GDIT): As you may have read, I had a B for my first assignment. Am awaiting for my grades for the next two.

Modeling and Photo-Rendering (MORG): I heard from one classmate that I got a D minus for my first assignment. Then, another classmate said that I got a D plus. I guess I’ll have to find out for myself.

Web Publishing (WEBP): I got a B for my practical test. How ironic that I should score well for DBMS but not this. I love WEBP much, much more than DBMS! (Well, I don’t love it as much when we’re building sites with Dreamweaver though. I’d much rather have my trusty NotePad, thank you.)

Drawing (DRAW): Got a B+ for my first assignment and a A for my second one. Funny, I thought my first one was better.

Mother used to say that my results are rather inconsistent. Well, I guess that means that I’m not born for consistency.

I went down to SP for the prep camp for Nero’s Dream last night and enjoyed myself watching them play among themselves at the station games.

Here’s (another kind of) Twister:

All the weird positions.

Cody and Manfred
Cody and Manfred (frat sista).

Terence di
A rather slack Terence didi.