I actually finished Eureka Seven in two days

It’s pretty good and I really wished there is such a thing as Trapar waves so I can ref in the air

I’m starting on an old show, but it’s new to me since I’ve never heard of it before. Fawlty Towers has been making me laugh out loud so far (even though I’m on the first episode).

Invites for Zayden Asher’s first birthday party has been sent (being the tech-y person, I texted message instead of sending tangible invites) and I’m feeling a little excited now

After more than one and a half years, I finally got my hands on the much sought after Gurren Lagann.

In our last meet-up (more than a year ago), Rey was telling me about this awesome anime that I should totally watch. That anime was Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

It was only a couple of weeks ago I managed to get the whole thing so I started watching a couple of episodes on Monday and finished the rest yesterday. Yes, I watched 25 episodes yesterday. Like whaaat?!

To be honest, I wouldn’t have picked this and followed it through. I was more of a Fullmetal Alchemist and BLEACH fan (although I haven’t followed the latter in a really long time). But when Rey told me most of the storyline and what happened in the show, I couldn’t help but catch some of his enthusiasm.

It’s a pretty good and short anime (not like those that have over 200 episodes, always littered with lousy fillers) about human evolution.

From wiki:

Gurren Lagann takes place in a fictional future in which human beings have been forced under Earth’s surface and live in isolated subterranean civilizations. These “villages” have no contact with the surface world or other villages.

Giha Village, one of the underground villages, regularly experiences earthquakes; because these earthquakes damage infrastructure, the village must constantly extend deeper into the earth—individuals relegated to this task are known as “Diggers”. Giha Village is the home of Simon, a fourteen-year-old digger who was orphaned when his parents were killed in an earthquake. Although Simon is respected by the village elders as the best of the diggers, he is ostracized by his peers. Simon discovers a special drill key deep in the ground and is soon recruited by an eccentric fellow orphan and friend named Kamina into his group, the “Gurren Brigade”. Kamina dreams of the surface world, which he once visited as a child, though he had to return home as he was too young to survive there.

Recently, while chatting online, he was telling me about another awesome anime—Eureka Seven and I started watching it today. At the moment, I’m in the 10th episode

I’m still trying to figure out the anime but you can read it up on wiki. What sort of sparked my interest was that Rey mentioned they surf in the air. They surf in the air! How cool is that?

He also mentioned that the female protagonist, Eureka, reminded him of me :?

Okay, back to Eureka Seven

If you know me, you will know that I’m not a girly sort of person. Heck, there are times when I go, “Can you believe what that girl did?” and my close friends would say, “What do you know? You’re not even a girl!”

Admittedly, I (somehow) do notice pretty girls more often than cute guys.

As I was browsing through my Google Reader, I came across a post which led me to this shop called ban.do; yes, I was attracted to the model who carried the accessories rather well.

ban.do s
This was the first photo that caught my attention though I do not like the accessory.

ban.do a
A really sweet look (that I will never be able to pull off). This particular piece is not really my thing either.

ban.do e
But this—gosh—this totally got me. Yes, I got it.

Uh, yes, that was all.

On a side note, Nicole and I went to watch the first qualifying round for the Women’s Gymnastics (Artistic) at the Youth Olympic Games (YOG) held at Bishan Sports Hall. It was really cool. Now we regret that we can’t watch the finals live since it cost quite a lot

More on the YOG later, perhaps. Good night

Love The Way You Lie (by Eminem featuring Rihanna) is kind of on repeat on iTunes right now. Not sure why I like this song. When I first heard it, I thought to myself, “Hm, it’s a pretty okay song. But why does one like the way it hurts?”

Not until I heard this song again on the radio today. And I totally related to the lyrics.

You can watch the video here. (And, because it’s Eminem, there is explicit contents.)

(Oh, gosh! I just watched the video! Megan Fox and Dominic Monaghan stars in it!)

(Not like I’m a fan of either, but, still, wow!)

ETA: Wow. Apparently there was an ugly drama going on. I don’t want to comment much since this is the internet, after all…

So the voting contest on Facebook got cancelled Here’s what the organizers posted:


Due to continuous reported complaints of spamming and flaming of participants in this event to us and Facebook, we regret to announce that this event will be cancelled with immediate effect. We understand many of you have taken the time to commit to this event and we deeply appreciate your efforts. We wish to let you know that cancelling this event was a difficult decision to make and the final resort we had to take.

We thank all for supporting this event and we hope most of you have made new friends and had a fun time looking at everyone’s photos. This page will still remain as a platform for all to share their baby photos with each other and to befriend more friends.

Thank you once again for supporting us and do continue to tune in to “Precious Babes” currently airing Monday – Friday at 9pm on Channel 8.

Take care

I know I should probably be angry with them (like how a lot of parents are at the moment, as they express it freely on the event page, and the organizers keep deleting those complaints. Actually, it’s quite hilarious.) But I don’t know why I find the whole thing rather funny

I personally feel that the whole thing wasn’t really well organized nor thought through. I mean, they didn’t even state what the prizes were! (And it didn’t occur to me until my friends asked what Zayden Asher would win.) There wasn’t a set of proper guidelines nor rules, thus, the spamming and flaming flooded the comments. (I wouldn’t really say flame but the spamming was just advertising, right? After all, they didn’t state that it wasn’t allowed.)

Anyway, I personally feel like I jinxed it by entering Zayden. It always happens to me :?

Ah well, it’s a nice tickle to a long day

So… if you know me, I don’t usually do this. So here it goes:

Please help to vote for Zayden Asher by clicking “like” on this URL! (Do login to your Facebook account first.)

Zayden Asher
His photo entry. Isn’t he such a happy kid?

I have a lot of friends bugging me to enter Zayden in a baby contest and I’m just not that kind of parent. This seem like a pretty easy contest and I’ve entered him. So it would be greatly appreciated if everyone who sees this can vote and spread the word! (Well, just vote. I don’t think any would spread the word though! *lol*) If he doesn’t win I’m not going to enter him anymore :? (Yeah, once bitten, twice shy.)

Also, thank you everyone for your birthday greetings!

Now, go vote/”like” and spread the word!

ETA: Elisia has kindly created an event to make it easier to spread the word (and, get the correct link!) so it would be awesome if you could help too (by inviting and rallying everyone to vote)

(Please inform me if either links are not working for you.)