brother bear

thanks so much for you wonderful comments ;D I’m glad my domain has received such a nice and warm welcome from you. thank you so much! ;D

today was an ok day I guess. I hung out with wil for the afternoon. it’s been more than a year since I last saw him and that was around last year in mar/apr when dmc decided to have a gathering. we went to plaza singapura to watch brother bear.

I thought it was out in theatres on dec 4 but since it’s out, hey, might as well watch it. I tell you, go catch that film! it’s a really touching animation that I’m sure would touch your heart as it had done to mine (aww..) I’m serious. go watch it. really talks about brotherhood and brother love.

you absolutely have to sit through the movie and watch the credits part where they have short animations on the funnies. it’s really hilarious especially the last one where they were playing with their reflection on the ice. wil & I laughed so hard that my eyes teared. really.

I loooveee koda! ;D he’s totally adorable. I saw this huge plush (like the stitch one) at this doll shop in wheelock place. anyone care to get that for me this christmas *hint hint* lmao.

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