fish & co.

I finally got my pay! well, my pay for the waitressing job. still waiting for my office job pay o_O but I’m sick again so when I met up with wil after work, he saw my condition and said, “you really look terrible.” thanks *sarcastic* like I needed to be reminded.

well, he got me this panadol thingy and less than half an hour, my flu was just *poof* gone! amazing I tell you. and it costs quite alot. SG$5.80! -gasp- I usually don’t take panadol cos I’m allergic to it. but this works. and no reaction! ;D

No Flu

wil is so lucky. get a new phone and a new cam on the same day -jealous- at least he let me play with his cam I love his cam though it’s a sony plus it’s pretty laggy.

we went to tampines fish & co. to have dinner. let me tell you, it was my first trip to fish & co. -embarrassed look- yeah. I’ve never been to one and finally, when I’m 18 years and 6 months old, wil brought me to fish & co.

well, nothing that spectacular or anything. but it is an experience. haha. I even used his cam to take pics! I think I could have a photo composition soon. I have so many caption ideas -grins-

wil was crazy man. he kept asking me to take self pics together. most of them are pretty spas. and he’s sending me those pics via msn now. ack! I look so spas in most of them -wails- I’ve lost my photogenic-y -pouts-

ooh~ and I’m bloated -pats fat tummy- I think I’m gonna weigh like a fat cow again

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