a poem?

a beach walk

I wish you would’ve held my hand
I wish you could’ve understand
right across the dampened sand
along the sandy beach

and along the sandy beach
it was like you were out of reach
so unwilling just to teach
teach me the way

hidden from the path that lay
bidding time from day to day
like there’s a huge price to pay
for this little miss

“wait” you tell this little miss
look in her eyes and plant a kiss
let her have this moment in bliss
et her understand

till today
how I wish that day
would turn out a different way

if you would’ve held my hand
stop and say you understand
right across the wet sand
and gave me a kiss

ack. yeah. back to poetry again o_O

guess what I’ve got -grins- yep yep yep *dance around* I’ve got the soundtrack for lotr: rotk. lalala~ and I’m gonna watch it this sat (whoopey doo!) with wil and ter and their friends I guess -gives a big cheesy smile- I can’t wait. but stupid stupid fir spoilt it by telling me legolas majored in only one scene -pouts- when I meet him to watch rotk again I’m gonna hammer him. I’ll freaking pound him to minced meat for telling me. I am so mad! -mock scowl-

been busy trying to make the layout for sfa but I realised I’ve got alot more to do plus, I still have unprettyful to set up -sighs-

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