for the whole of this week, I think I’ll be sleeping in the living room with my siblings. why? my dad’s re-doing my siblings’ room and technically, I don’t really have a room so I just crash in with my siblings so yeah, now we are all sleeping in the living room =/

why don’t I have a room? well, actually, I did. but it wasn’t even a room. just a partitioned ‘room’ with high cupboards as walls and a curtain for a door o_O it’s small but cosy. and I’ve loved it for 5 years as I grew in my room.

but this year, my parents just had to tear it down so no room for me and I have to squeeze in with my three younger siblings. I never thought of it as ‘our room’ though so I still refer to it as ‘my siblings’ room’ instead.

and all the sawing and drilling and hammering has got dust in the house so maybe that’s why I was sneezing like hell today. it doesn’t help when I work at the office and it’s freezing cold o_O

anyway, went to watch rotk (yes again) with sam yesterday. rocking good as usual since the audience clapped so much after the legolas scene, I didn’t hear what gimli said to him after that. so yesterday I finally caught what he said. he said indignantly, “it still counts as one!” -rofl-

tomorrow’s christmas eve. anyone has big plans like last minute shopping? I’m gonna watch rotk yet again ;D well, that is if I can get the tickets. lol.

I’m glad everyone liked their gifts I’ve sent if you haven’t received yet, do not panick. I’ve still got a number yet to send out. it’s hard retrieving your email addys =x

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  1. I never realized before that you were the oldest child and that you had three younger siblings. That sounds like a lot of pressure on you! I read your Facebook note from 2009 about how your parents were strict. I just read this great book, “Rapture Practice” by Aaron Hartzler (let me know if you want the ebook!) and his parents were similarly restricting — wouldn’t let him listen to the radio or go to movie theaters.

    I always wanted to be a bartender, too. I haven’t yet, but that’s awesome you did!

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