boxing day

happy boxing day everyone! though I’ve never celebrated this holiday before, it’s nice to wish it. lol.

how did everyone spend christmas? this christmas was just another holiday for me. I didn’t expect any gifts. not even from my parents since they have a habit of not giving gifts. but I got really sensible gifts from my mom. wait. sensible isn’t the word – practical is.

what did she get me? oh. she got me two pairs of ankle socks and a sports bra. really practical ain’t it? and guess what her friend, aunty serene gave me? yep. another pair of socks. come to think of it, my mom’s sister, aunty mary, gave me a pair of yellow billabong socks the year before. what’s up with socks and christmas I ask you?!

I used the comp till 2 am on christmas morn and woke at 8+ and found out that sam was still sleeping. woke him up with a call and left the house to meet him. we went to great world city to watch love actually.

now 7ners planned a day to watch that show last week I believe and I did not join them coz I wasn’t interested in that movie. and boy was I glad I didn’t go with them. coz the movie wasn’t that great anyway.

even sam said it was a little disappointing as he heard it was really good and was dying to catch that 10.40am show and dragged me along. oh well. at least I didn’t waste any money (so obviously he paid for it ;p)

we had lunch at crystal jade. really cina (‘chinese’ in malay) place. well, it is after all a chinese restaurant. then I went home and got a fight with my dad. oh whatever. we had to make up eventually coz it’s christmas.

went back to my old church for a christmas service. felt really weird being there. it’s been more than a year since I last went back to that place. due to certain unexplanable circumstances.

and that is how I spent my christmas day.

boxing day isn’t special. had to go work o_O and I’ve updated a whole chunk of stuff in this site so check the updates page. received late xmas gifts and fansigns so check that out too.

voting is still on at until forever awards so those who haven’t vote *ahem ahem* please go and vote now -hints-

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