stupid eve

yesterday, I went to get my identity card (ic) remade. I lost it when my wallet was missing over a year ago =/ haha. yeah. took me a year to save up supid sg$100. yes! you have to pay a bloody 100 bucks to get that card remade. if you lose it the second time, you’ll have to pay 300! *meeps*

btw, I look terrible don’t I? o_O

anyway, it was sam’s birthday yesterday and I gave him this gift I’d made. pity I didn’t have any cam with me else I’ll post it we went to plaza singapura’s swenson’s to have our lunch. and as usual, I had the chicken baked rice. lol.

today’s new year’s eve and I feel just like christmas eve: I’m mad over the same person. not just mad. really angry. and hurt. and sad..


anyway, I got this smashing poster today costs me sg$25! =/

it’s double-sided so I can’t bear to hang it! lol

happy new year everyone. hope yours is much better than mine. now it’s off to per’s place I go.

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