They’ve Split?!

I don’t get it. They were perfect for each other. Jun Wei texted me just yesterday: “Too perfect for each other, huh?”

Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt announce split
Jen and Brad’s last kiss

I thought they’d last. Really, I thought they would. If there’s anything to blame, I’ll blame their careers. Or at least, Jennifer’s one, that is.

I think the whole split has affected me. I’m feeling achy all over and my throat feels sore.

And what a first entry for the new year, a new blog. To think that 2005 may be a better year for me. Well, at least I’ve been expecting a better year when Alex texted me 12 minutes into the new year saying, “Happy New Year Naddie 2005 will be better than 2004. DEFINITELY :)”

Well, what happened to my start of the new year?


  1. I know, it’s so sad that they seperated. I really thought they had staying power like Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey do (I think)…if they break up too though…theres no hope for hollywood couples.

  2. Hi there! This is such a cute layout! Thanks for commenting on my site! Anyways, yeah, I know what you mean about Jen and Brad! Yeah, I would blame their careers also… Anyways, I’’m going to go, so I’’ll talk to you later!

  3. actually, i heard it was because jennifer caught brad having phone sex with angelina jolie. eee perhaps that’s a tabloid rumor. I don’t know, I didn’t think they’d last just because…well, they didn’t seem to belong together. Not to me, anyway. It is still kinda sad really.
    WELCOME BACK!!! that was sooo quick.

  4. no, I havn’t received a single email since I joined! and the site hasn’t been updated either :S

    I love the blog, I love WP too, I dont use it thouhg XP!

  5. Lovely layout, dearie!

    Yeah, I thought that Brad and Jen would’ve been one of those rare successful Hollywood marriages. So sad.

  6. nadin! pretty layout. who wants to grow up?

    yeah, i was very… surprised to hear about brad and jenn. then again, hmm, i wonder if their careers got in the way. they’re both extremely busy people oh well… it lasted for 7 years. that’s pretty darn good in hollywood

    love ya *hug*

  7. I blame Jenn. She seems like a sweet person and I love Friends and her movies but………she’s peeking her 40’s and Brad’s done past them. He wants kids, and a family. They arent getting any younger. Who came up with the rule you cant have a family and a career? Look at Reese Witherspoon, also Anglina Jolie. Both have kids and twice the success as Anniston. Perhaps that why Brad’s going for Jolie. She can handle a career, children, and now a husband. I like Anninston as much as the next person, but thats what marriage is, growing a family. I just dont see why she couldnt have done both.

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