I Can’t Believe You’re Older!

And I still can’t. Older not in the sense of being older than me but, that you guys are a year older. Yes! And one of you is actually an adult by now.

The ability to vote! The privilege of watching (ahem) R-rated movies (not that I want to, really).

Happy 21st Birthday Jun Wei! My, my. Growing older every year, eh?

Not to forget someone else:
Happy 17th Birthday Joel didi! I know you hardly read my blog but, whatever. It’s nice to greet you here nevertheless

Hope you guys had a nice birthday Be it at the examination room or workplace, you know what I mean

Oh, I must not forget to start making the birthday cards…


  1. Hi NADINE, sorry for not answering ur comment earlier but haven’t been online..i’m glad to find u again and look a new lay here and also a new blog:) I don’t wanna grow up either, buahh but i think i’m almost there, gonna have 25 this year..AHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!!hehe the good thing is i don’t look like a 24 girl:)Hope to hear formu soon:)

  2. JW’s older yea? he should really start acting his age anyways…lol. alright, alright, happy bday… =D

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