Lexiena at Level 25

Lexiena at Level 25 Hallelujah! Finally! After two long weeks of killing snails, squishing green droplets, chiong-ing* pigs, whacking mushrooms and hacking tree trunks, I have finally moved up to level 25 on my warrior, Lexiena. Check out my new and blue outfit.

(Okay, the cap quality is really bad. It looks dull blue here

If youíre wondering what Iím talking about, welcome to the world of Maply Story. Iím not sure what kind of online game it is but I was told by Jun Wei that itís a MPORPG (multi-player online role playing game).

Itís rather addictive, I must say. Itís a joy to kill all those snails/squishies/mushrooms/tree trunks/pigs No, Iím not stressed. Neither am I sick so kindly stop feeling my forehead!

But Iím not that evil, really. Check out what Jun Weiís magician Aeldureth was doing when someone else died :mrgreen:

Evil Aeldureth

* to chiong: to charge (at)


  1. nadine!!! u play maplestory?! lolx, if u nid help in getting quest items, pm me okay? iíve got a lvl54 wiz named mabelle. happy 2005!

  2. Hey Nadine! Sorry I didnít tell you about my moving to a new domain. I didnít tell that many people actually.. it just sorta happened. Iím not too good at following things up. =/

    That looks like a cute game. I am not into RPGs but thatís because I havenít really tried Ďem out. Iím sure Iíll get hooked if I sit down and play them. Take care! =) *hugs* Hope you feel better about that whole ďissueĒ you were relaying with your hiatus sign over there at the front.

  3. The characters look so cute, iím not into video game sbut i rememebr i loved Mario kart, ehe a loong time agoo was addicted to it:) Do u put ur character the name Lexiena??is nicee:)

  4. I donít play Maple Story, but I play Ragnarok Online. >D

    Lamers exist everywhere. Itís hard to stamp them out.. Not that Iím saying that your friend is a lamer. There are other worse stuff out there. XD~

  5. HEY NADINE – Yeah, my friend told me about Maple Story. It looks insanely addicting – thatís why Iím afraid to play it. Cute graphics XP

  6. hi that set up is cool, i play maplestory just got my 40 yesterday wow is it addicting my s/n is Peabrain hope to see u playin

  7. hehe add me in MS…my user name is Mrdeveil or is it MrDeveil…try both.
    i am a lvl 31 wiz, if any1 need help contact me.cya

  8. cool you play maplestory ^-^ oh btw, I found your site on google, so I am a complete stranger to you XD lol. anyway I also play maple. my name there is: xMikkix. server: Scania

  9. hey what lvl r u now? and stuff well if u r on bera on mapleglobal version talk to Kitezer thats my guy if ur still weak i can help u lvl a bit if u want

  10. I just randomly came across your blog while looking for a Maple Story Fandom. And then voila! Here I was. =3 Congrats on getting to level 38, that’s quite amazing. I just started playing not that long ago and got to level 18 the other night. Hmm, sadly though school is taking up much of my precious playing time! XD It’s awesome to meet other people that play as well. Maybe I will see you around on the game sometime. =3 Good luck with all your leveling up! ^____^”

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