Shall We Dance, Elektra?

Shall We Dance? was a movie that he thought would turn out crappy since JLo was inside. I honestly admit, Iíd thought so too.

But the dancing got the better of me and so, we watched that. I donít like to admit it, but I like dancing. However, I love admitting the fact that I canít dance :oops: So there.

Anyway, donít watch the movie because of JLo. I donít think sheíd like that. After all, her character would not like any guy to join ballroom dancing because of her. She said so herself. Heh

Well, I loved the movie. He loved it too So why are you still reading this? Go secure a seat now!

Elektra was a different story. Iím not much of a Dare Devil follower but I think Elektraís cool. I did not watch Dare Devil only because Ben Affleck starred in it. I so do not like that guy.

I was told by many people that Elektra had no plot and that the only reason why itís still selling is because of Jennifer Garner. Well, I beg to differ.

Ever since I watched 13 Going On 30, Jennifer has always been Jenna to me. So seeing Elektra was like seeing a dead serious Jenna on a mission. Iím sorry, but itís hard to change my image of one person at times.

Then again, I watched Elektra only because of action. I like action. But not like those huge explosive demolition-of-buildings-every-five-minutes kind. I like comic-hero kind of actions. Heroes like Spiderman. Or Batman. Not Dare Devil. Puh-leeze :mrgreen:

Well, the kid who plays Abby Miller, Kirsten Prout is rather cute-looking. For a teenage girl. Not that Iím les or anything, if you know what I mean.

Two movies in a day. Yeah, I had a great time, thanks for asking.

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  1. omg u watch so many movies. i want to watch elektra, tho i know that it is going to be bad. n i havenít seen shall we dance yet but i wanted to, even tho j lo was in it. i lk dance movies; theyre cool.

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