Hmm. My family and I are on our way to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, to go shopping. The first time, I should say. I wonder what’s the special occasion—besides the fact that the Lunar New Year is around the corner.

Oh, my youngest sister Judaxil will turn 12 tomorrow *beams*


  1. I miss you already. *sobz* Wahahahaha… have a good time. Oh and help me wish your sister a very happy birthday.

  2. woah judaxil? u guys have unique names…of coz i shouldn’t talk since my mom made me name a guy’s name in a girl version hahaha

  3. Going to Malaysia? SO LUCKY! Take me with you! Heh.

    Wishing your sister a happy birthday! Your sister has such an unusual name, but it sounds cute!

  4. happy bday to your sister.

    shopping!! what fun. hope you have a good time!

    yep, lunar new year is soon. we’re having a party tomorrow XD

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