Reunion Dinner 2

Okay so my other entry the other time was about reunion dinner with my relatives at my dadís side. This timeís momís.

I enjoy going to my momís side only because she has like, twelve siblings, and so, cousins of various ages can be found there.

This year, there arenít any small babies stealing the limelight. Oh, no. This year, itís a dog. Yes, and mind you, it isnít those small-puppy kinds.

Everyone, meet Golden, a three-year-old Golden Retriever. Mind you, itís a she (darn, I kept referring her as Ďhimí all night :mrgreen:


And her again

Ainít she just cuuute?

Stick your tongue out!

Iím addicted to her, I tell ya.

Golden belongs to my Xiao Jiuís (Small Uncle) uh, girlfriend or wife. (Crap. I donít even know! :oops:

It was so amusing to see everyone taking out their digital cameras and cellphones (that are camera-enabled) and aiming the lens straight at Golden but can never really manage to get a decent shot of her.

Everyone who wanted to have a picture with her tried in vain to make her sit still for a picture with anyone. When she seems settled and the cameras are ready, just before the shutter goes off, she starts moving or turning her head the other way. Frustrating, I tell you.

Being the impatient person I am, I decided to take pictures with those who are not as hyper-active as Golden.

Me and Allan
Me and my Commando cousin Allan

Me and Sze Ying
With cousin Sze Ying

Oh, does anyone remember my blog entry last year about my cousin Sze Ying? Oh, my. The way she jabbers in chinese just makes my head spin :roll: And this year, her four-year-old brother Wei Hong is not as shy as last year and his baby-talk-cum-chinese makes it really hard for me to understand him given my atrocious command of chinese. I sincerely thought he was speaking hokkien to me!

Allan got another new phone (I seem to see him with a new model every three times I see him) and my sister was testing it out the camera functions by using me as her subject.

Thatís TV at the background

Finally, as usual, during all these festive occasions, the text messaging system had to lag. Think I accidentally texted Jun Wei five times straight. So, we switched to talking on the phone.

I can hear fire crackers!


  1. Too bad by the time my family got to my maternal grandparentsí house, my uncle already went off. Else I could have taken a few pics of his dog, Buddy and post them up. Admire doggie photos yaÖ

  2. hey nadineÖi noticed everyone commenting on ur dog n how cute he is. yea he is cuteÖbut they forgot bout ur cousin!!! ALLAN IS SO GOOD-LOOKING! happy chinese new year.

  3. Aww, sheís so cute! I want her now! =P. And your cousing, Sheís cute too! =D. Lotsa pictures though=P, I wish i had a digital camera.

  4. Eek!! I canít wait to have my own puppy now. Golden is so adorable, her eyes are so wide and friendly.

    It sucks how everyone seems to have a new gadget everytime you meet them, donít it?

    A belated Happy New Year to you, by the way. ^^; *hugs*

  5. The layout looks perfectly fine wif firefox. In fact.. I prefer in it firefox. lol.

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