I canít believe it. But I rotted my day away at home today.

Well, not really. My Gu Gu (youngest Aunt on my dadís side), her husband and coming two-year-old cousin Abigail came over to my placeónot to visit, butóto fix up the computer.

Will post more tomorrow (with pictures!)


  1. Glad that youíre enjoying the holidays. Itís a rarity getting to spend time with the fam. =) Take care and nice pics in the last post!

  2. =) actually, we had our chinese new year party earlier Ö but i didnít take off a day from school for CNY (here, we donít get out Ö the USA Ö wish I went to an all chinese school XD) ~ oh well. i watched some of the celebrations on our chinese tv. hehe

  3. Happy CYN! Tho I didnít celebrate it.. typical day for me. Thatís great about getting to see your family- wish I could spend more time with Mom.
    Canít wait to see the pics!

  4. Haha, I hate it when I do that. I lie around all day and then realize I couldíve done somethign more productive with my time.

  5. happy belated new yearrrrr! forgive me for being late. OMG!!! the golden retriever pics are so adorable!!! Iím going crazy right now because those are my fav kind of dogs and Iíd kill to get one of those! whoeverís dog it is so so luckyÖ dammit

  6. Oh I love this layout. The lyrics rock. :] And donít worry there are days where everyone spends day in the house. Happens to me alot, especially on breaks and stuff.

  7. hey. so how about those pictures? haha.

    ya.. and activate full text summary for RSS feeds in your WP options! =D

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