How I Spent My CNY 2005

I could not post yesterday as I was badly—and still am—sunburnt.

Before I plunge into the story of how I got sunburnt, let me recount how I spent the Lunar New Year.

The first day was the usual going-to-grandmas’-houses. At my maternal grandma’s side, guess who was there again? Yes! Golden!

This time, my younger sister had brought along her digital camera. Pictures are definitely much clearer than my Motorola E398.

Golden, why won't you look here?
Golden, why won’t you look here?

Sze Ying and Me
Cousin Sze Ying and Me with Dad at the back

Wei Hong, Sze Ying and Me
With my cousins Wei Hong and Sze Ying

Still refusing
Golden’s still refusing to look at the cam

Golden with red bandana
Little Red Riding Hood

Golden with red bandana
I should have worn my blue one…

After the visiting, Wil asked me to watch Constantine with him. I admit I wasn’t at all interested in that movie. But that movie turned out to be rather okay.

In my last entry, I said that I rotted the whole day on the second day. Only because all my siblings were busy entertaining my cousin Abigail.

Judaxil and Abigail
Judaxil and Abigail

Abigail had a habit of washing her hands. So she would request to go to the toilet every now and then. When I told Jun Wei that, he said she had OCD :mrgreen:

Abigail washing her hands
Abigail washing her hands

Smile, Abby!
I took this picture of her smiling!

Ewe. Her mucus is showing.

Hee Hee
It’s blur. But it’s her.

On the third day, I went to Wild Wild Wet. It’s a water theme park like Sentosa’s now extinct Fantasy Island. Only that it’s smaller. And less fun<em>ner.

However, I would highly recommend one ride that really made me scream/squeal—Slide Up. Two people sit on this float and you slide down this really steep U-shaped ramp and slide back and forth. This ride really took my heart away. Literally.

Another thing I really enjoyed would be the swimming pool which has motorised waves making me feel like I’m swimming in a choppy sea. I even bothered to count the number of waves they emit at one wave session. 350 waves

The aftermath of the whole Wild Wild Wet episode left me in great pain. I bet hell feels much worse

Me at Wild Wild Wet
Me at Wild Wild Wet

I can’t smile. It’s painful.


  1. oh no poor thing! I’ve never actually had a sunburn before so I dunno how that feels but I heard it’s very painful. I hope you get better soon! nice pictures! especially the little red riding hood.. so cute!

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  3. Your cousins are adorable, and Golden is so cute, ehheheeh Golden retrievers are so pretty:) Have i ever told u ur hair’s amazing??:) Ohh i really enjoy water parks, when i was at WET AND WILD i have so much fun, they had this black slide, u can’t see anything while u are inside there, AHH I scream so much, eheh Put on soem Aloe Vera for ur burn skin..LOVESSS

  4. Eh, my cousins were at Wild Wild Wet yesterday and I was at Downtown East for the past three 3 days too! Aiyah, didn’t get to see you.

    You have such adorable cousins! And do take care of that sunburn yah?

  5. Looks like you had a great time expect for the sunburnt part.. like others said, put some aloe vera on it and it’ll get better.
    I loved all the pics especially the ones with Abigail, she was so cute! Your whole family is beautiful

  6. hey sis, you actually still look pretty with your red face really! you do! the last time i had sunburn, i looked like a lobster all week and my nose as well as my cheeks kept peeling. argghhh. hehe. i wish i could go tanning..i’m getting pale and i hate looking pale!! urgh!! anyway..happy CNY!

  7. oohh.. golden’s so cute.

    and you look very pretty with rebonded hair. (although the braids are darn cute still)

    This comes in late, but…
    Gong Xi Fa Cai!

  8. uknow, ive NEVER been sunburnt? like ever…EVER. i tot it was juz a singaporean thing, but i guess not, since some of my cousins (and u apparently) do. hahaha im juz lucky. nice pics, btw.

  9. It seems like you had a nice CNY 05 . Yay! I love the pics! Ummm I love your hair!!It’s quite wicked.

  10. hi! I’m nina. i’m here for the 1st time! i like your page! and just want to say you’re so pretty!
    I’ll be back!
    PS Golden is a very nice dog! :))

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