Lovely Jewel

Jo: Yes, both are from SK Jewellery and I found out that it isnít the same as Soo Kee :mrgreen: Anyway, does anyone know the price? Iíve seen it in newspaper advertisements but never really noted the price of it :neutral:

Even on the best days like this, bad memories are created.


Not the same
Anyone know whatís the price for this?

Oh, and Happy Valentineís Day.


  1. very similar, but the one on the right seems more expensiveÖtho it might juz be good lighting. ah well, theyre both pretty nonetheless. bad memories huh? no sweat, new day tmr.

  2. happy belated vday

    umm..they look the same to me! Except maybe ones more angled and stretched?

    Golden in the post before looks adorable

  3. Gah. O_o; Imitations? Which one did you get, and for how much and why are they both from the same store? (Wait.. variation; okay). So which one were you after?

  4. Lol. I used to think that SK jewellery is SooKee too. Yep both pendents look the same at first glance but on further observation, they arenít the same but similar.

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