Fulkien Copiers

I Fulkien hate Fulkien copycats that Fulkien copy my Fulkien hard work. And I Fulkien hate them for not only not crediting me but Fulkien deny that they have copied anything. I Fulkien hate that.

And not just my hard work. Itís like they Fulkien want to copy ME. They want to be ME. Fulkien shit I tell you.

They copy my blog, my joined collectibles, my TCG postÖ Gawd, even my Fulkien domain name! And it doesnít stop that. Fulkien irritating.

They copy the way I sign off in my emails. Fulkien Ďprincesses/princesí I tell you. Fulkien fakers.

And Iím Fulkien vulgar.


  1. grrr those people are so annoying! once some eejit redirected their geocities site to mine and i dobbed them in and what did stupid geocities do?! NOTHING! SAID I HAD TO PROVE I WAS THE REAL ME!#(%$&*%$*!!!!!

  2. ew ew ew!! I hate that!!! I seriously donít understand people. Being orignal and being your self is the best. And if they canít do that on line what r they like in real life ? erk!

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