I Feel Dead

When I say dead, I meant dead tired. Thatís how Iím feeling now.

Imagine getting out of bed at 4.30 a.m. for three mornings straight to work for three hours, going home at 10 a.m. feeling tired but unable to sleep, trying to occupying yourself while you wait for your body to feel tired and finally nap for three hours in the late afternoon.

I didnít know I had to be like this for this month.

God bless me.


  1. Hey!! I havenít been in here such a loong time! Anyways, yeah, I feel dead tired a lotÖ I hate that though! Hope that youíll feel better tomorrow!

  2. Aww.. thatís badÖ I know how you feel.. there was a time when I was feeling the same thing when I started working..

    God will bless ya.. donít worry..

  3. Donít overdo it, what I can suggest is that you go to bed earlier every night, so you will get plenty of rest and hopefully will feel better!

  4. ah well.. university life.. is like this.. the whole month before all ur stuffís due.. or ur midterms.

  5. Maybe you change your sleeping pattern for the time being. Like sleep lots in the late afternoon to evening then you can feel awake during 4.30am onwards. Itís like those people who work the night shift.

  6. I can understand what you mean. I hope youíd have some more time to sleep again. Take care of yourself.

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