I Have To Get Them ASAP!

(In order of preference)


  • Ryan Cabrera’s Take It All Away
  • Jesse McCartney’s Beautiful Soul
  • Shall We Dance? Soundtrack


  • Admission to SP
  • Admission to TP (only if I’m rejected at SP)

Good crap. Tomorrow is Doom’s Day. How am I gonna sit through a two-hour long aptitude test?

Just let me die.



  1. don’t worry, you’ll get in! I’ll be crossing my fingers for you!

    I have a test coming up too and it’ll take 3 hours. ugh my butts going to feel numb/sore that day lol

  2. Just 2 hours of a test? I had to sit through hmm… 4 hours or so for a standardized test… Good luck on it!!

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