1. Hey thanks for the comment about prom
    Iíve never been to a prom, not yet that is. And I thought I would never get to go.

  2. ooo – i love your layout. ryan cabrera and avril lavigne are so cool. i wish i had html skills like you – iíd make myself a christina aguilera one. but my page is just lame – youíve seen it – plain and boring.

  3. Wow I just was reading thet whole girl section and I love the way it is set out itís really creative and different and gives insight into your ever interesting mind thanks for sharing *hugs*

  4. Your /girl section is quite interesting. I have to admit that Iíve never seen anyone elseís like it. I love the personal nature of it, and how it truly expresses who you are, not just some empty facts. Well done!

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